Operation Math iPhone App Review – The coolest math app!

I finally found a math game that was geared towards my sons like. There are other math games that he likes but this one tops them all. It’s called Operation Math. It’s really neat because you are kinda like a spy on a mission to Defeat Dr Odd. Dr. Odd is on a global quest to eliminate the world’s even numbers. Now we can’t let that happen. So it’s your job to stop him. You will seek out his secret bases, destroying his menancing mainframes, and make the world a safer place for math.

We started out with using just the addition. The addition gets a little harder each level or should I say with each mission. We started with mission one. Once you complete it you unlock the next mission. We loved that at the start of each mission it tells you what your mission is. While on your mission you solve equations. When you solve all of them in 60 seconds or less you move on to the next level. My son was excited to move on to each level. He kept wanting to know what the next mission was. It is definately a keeper and we will be adding it into our homeschool day. I like to add little games that my son can get extra practice on and still have fun learning. He gets a little educational game time after we are done with math and as a reward plays a game. It’s awesome because he can have fun and learn at the same time.


  • 105 missions based on 3 different skill levels
  • all binomial addition/substraction equations for numbers 1 – 20
  • all binomial multiplication/division equations for numbers 1 – 12
  • Ability to select missions based on skill level and operatives (addition, subtraction, addition/subtraction, multiplication, division, multiplication/division and addition/subtraction/multiplication/division)
  • Training that tracks consecutive answers and preps players for active missions.
  • 30 un-lockable watches and uniforms that encourage game play
  • 15 exotic geographical locations
  • Animated mission tracking map
  • Professional narration and soundtrack.
  • Graphics optimized for retina display

Right now Operation Math is on sale for 99 cents. I do not know how long the sale is on for. It is compatible with iphone and ipad.

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review. I did receive a copy of Operation Math for iPhone for my review. The opinoins in this are 100% mine.


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