“One Word” 2015

Family One Word 2015


Looking back and saying goodbye to 2014 and a big welcome to 2015. 2015 is going to be a year of some changes. Picking just one word to focus on this year was really hard for me as there are a few that I want to focus on. I suppose I can make them resolutions but my main focus for 2015 is FAMILY.

My husband and I have been reflecting back and talking about a few things a lot recently. One of the things we feel is important to us is spending more time as a family. I think we have let technology take us over and we want to start limiting it and doing more things together. I for one am totally up for that.

Each night we plan on doing something together. It maybe crafts, playing board games, watching a movie, or spending time outside. Right now it’s not fun to spend time outside as it has been bone chilling cold and we don’t have any snow. The kids want to build snow forts, go sledding, and make snowmen. Hopefully, Saturday we will get that decent snow fall. If not we have talked about driving north to do some of the things that we have been wanting to do for winter fun.

This spring/fall/summer we plan on spending a lot of time outdoors enjoying the state parks. We also plan on exploring different places we have never been around our area.

I think so far we are on the right track. I think this will help some of the behaviors we have been seeing in our youngest son, who has autism. I am ready to see what new adventures the year has for us as a family!

I hope you all have a safe, blessed, happy, and wonderful year of 2015!


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