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We recently had the chance to review a Notebooking Pages Lifetime Membership from For us this has been a new way of learning as we have never really used a lot of notebooking pages before. I have seen my daughters handwriting get better while we were using this as well. There is more to notebooking then just handwriting.


Notebooking is really just keeping a journal. It also is a memory keepsake to look back on. You can use these for any topic or subject. The nice thing is that your child is learning, recording what they know, capturing memories, personality, and developing a writing voice. The nice thing is that you can use this with or without curriculum. Some of the things that notebooking includes is written narrations, copywork, timelines, reports, lists, observations, drawings, maps, photographs, and more.

The skills that are learned from notebooking are listening skills, narration skills, organization skills, artistic skills, and more. It allows the child to pick out their interest in what they are studying. Many people use binders to put their notebooks together. You can actually do this in a few ways. I will tell you how we did it later on in the review. In other words this is a show and tell of what the child has learned about a topic.

How We Used This: 

We have been using the Notebooking Pages for our Composer Studies. I have been using these pages with the curriculum we are using. What I did was print out the sheets and I stapled the sets we used. I didn’t make a binder for it. You can print out as many or as little pages as you want. There is a wide variety of subjects and printables to choose from. You can choose from upper elementary lines to lower elementary lines. I like that option as my daughter still needs work on her writing. I have seen improvement.

Beethoven Collage

For the composer studies you start out by printing a cover sheet. Then you print out the lines that you want you use. There are spaces to write and draw. I love the concept because you are using two different components in the creation of these notebooking pages: written component and visual component. My daughter loves to draw so the empty squares were awesome. I had her draw what she thought the composer looked like. Instruments that they used during that time frame. We had the chance to write some of the famous works and things about the composer. The nice thing is you write as much or as little as you want.

If we weren’t using this with curriculum I would have gotten books,videos, and research on internet. I would have had her use the notebook pages for notes on the videos of things she has learned. I would have had her do some copywork with quotes or phrases as well. It’s nice that you can really dive down deep in a topic and research it according to interests.

We are going to using the notebooking pages of insects with in the next couple weeks as we work on our Butterfly unit study. I took a peek at what that entails and you can create pages on certain insects and then you go into detail with the way the bodies look. You draw the bodies as well. I think that is going to work perfectly for us. I might end up turning this one into a binder as we plan on studying different butterflies from all over.

There are several things to like about this site. There are many different topics to choose from. There are tips and tutorials as well, so if your just starting out you learn the basics and how to grow with them. There is also a section that gives you suggestions how to use this for Language, Spelling, and Math as well. New pages are added weekly.

The main topics for the notebooking pages are: any studies, bible/character, Famous People, Fine Arts, Geography, History, Holidays, Language Arts, and Science/Nature. So as you can see there is a wide variety of topics. Then each of the main topics break off into smaller topics. I won’t list them as there are way to many. I am blown away with just how many there are to choose from.

One thing that actually caught my eye today was the fact that they have a Web App where you can create your own pages. I didn’t see that before as I was so excited about the other pages and how we would use them. It looks like with the lifetime membership you get access to the Web App for free for a year. After your trial then you pay a low monthly fee. I don’t think is bad at all considering you have what you need to make them. So that is one thing I am going to be checking out as I have a ton of ideas for the kids and I also want to work on their own interests.

Also another nice thing was the bonus gifts you receive. I didn’t really look at them until today as was really super excited. There was one for a Bible Journey and once I get down with what I am currently using I plan to switch to that. I don’t want to spoil the surprise of the bonus gifts, but they are really nice!!

My Overall Thought:

The Notebooking Pages Lifetime Membership is definitely worth purchasing. It is very inexpensive for purchasing for a one time fee. They are always adding more pages and they even take suggestions. I never thought my daughter would take to notebooking. I figured I would try it and see. She absolutely loves it because it gives her, her own voice and style in writing. She loves being able to draw in it as well. I am definitely going to keep this as an addition to our homeschool. Topics and information seem to stick better in her memory and her handwriting is getting better as well.

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