Not So Happy Camper – Wordless Wednesday

I forgot to mention that over Christmas Break my mom, Brittany and I went out for the day. Our day started with Brittany and my mom getting their ears pierced. Brittany was such a trooper. As soon as they were done I think she was in shock as I saw the tears welling up in her eyes and I said to her awww you got pretties in your ears now. She snuggled on my shoulder and quietly whimpered a little bit and I took her to the mirror right away to see her earrings. After that she was fine. She even turns them for me. LOL Later that day Brittany and I went for hair cuts. She sat so nicely. This is a couple days later but it’s the best picture I could post because the other ones she was fussing for some reason.

8 Responses to “Not So Happy Camper – Wordless Wednesday”

  • 1
    Jennifer says:

    hi, you’re a strong and brave mommy. Good luck with your daughter. visit me sometime in my site…… take care! I follow and got your button!

    admin Reply:

    Thanks Jennifer. Will stop by shortly.

  • 2
    Charlene says:

    Love the pic. I love her smile. Such a princess

    admin Reply:

    thanks Charlene

  • 3
    Russ says:

    WoW! Stacie she is getting so big.She looks really happy in that picture. A nice smile goes a long way.

    admin Reply:

    Thanks Russ. She is getting so big so fast.

  • 4
    HOPELights says:

    Oh its that time to get the little ears pierced! Love it.

    admin Reply:

    She had them pierced before but the earrings didn’t stay in her ears for some reason. At least with these they are staying in as they have locking backs.

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