Normal…What’s That?

Normal I don’t think I know what that feels like anymore. The last few weeks have been full of processing, biopsy, surgery, waiting on results…and finally being able to have emotion through all that life is tossing me. I am still not done in this journey. I have to see the surgeon on Wednesday and the Oncologist on Thursday. Once I have all the details, I will write a post. In fact I have a couple future posts about Emotion/Autism through this experience. So be watching for that.

School has been kinda rough the last few weeks. One week we did a lot of hands on things outdoors. The next week we snuck in school work between appointments and other things. Now we are finally slowly getting back into our groove. This week may not be all full days but at least we have gotten in a lot more then we have in the past few weeks. I am thankful that I started in August. I do that in case things come up where we aren’t losing time. Next week I am so excited because there are NO appointments scheduled and we can have a full week back to normal!

The kids really need to be back to normal and on schedule. You can tell by their moods we have been off kilter for a while. I don’t want my son getting to comfortable with the way things have been either. Once we get back into our routine I will face more grumping….until we get  back there with no disruptions. The disruptions will come as there are other doctors appointments scheduled for this month for the kids. I will take as much normal as we can get.

One of my new normals has been going for my daily walk! I walk anywhere between 1 – 5 miles. I walk alone in the morning to clear my head and get ready for the day. I go back later either with the kids, or my husband. Sometimes both if I am lucky! We pokemon hunt and we also look for painted rocks. We find and hide them too. Hopefully this weekend I will be able to paint some of our own as it is suppose to rain.

I can also catch up on my cleaning this weekend as well. I feel like that has went on the back burner! It wasn’t even really a thought in my head. I got a good portion done today though so I am happy.


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