Neville Museum – Extreme Deep Exhibit – Field Trip

Neville Museum

Last week I took the kids to the Neville Museum as they had a new exhibit called Extreme Deep. The Extreme Deep is an amazing hands on exhibit exploring life at the bottom of the sea. It was presented  by Evergreen Exhibitions in collaboration with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHO). It depicts the mysteries of the ocean floor at greatest depths, newly discovered life forms, thermal vents, close up views of deep sea research submersibles as well as shipwrecks like the titanic. Visitors  observe first hand technology that has only recently allowed men and woman to travel the ocean floor.

I was so amazed at the hands on exhibits for the kids. The kids really enjoyed it. They also had movies through the exhibits to, which were very interesting. I was very surprised as I have never seen a hands on exhibit like this at the Neville Museum. There were more exhibits that we did see but the Extreme Deep was our favorite.

Exploring the Titanic


The had the chance to do a ROV Pilot Simulation. They could move the scope around and focus into an object. What we didn’t know was that we were looking at the sinking of the Titanic. The kids thought that it was real neat. The type of machine that goes down into the depths of the water is called Jason. When I saw it the first thing I thought of was the movie Titanic. The kids thought the replica of the Titanic was really neat.

Alvins Arm


Alvin is one of the underwater machines that can help explore and collect objects. As you can see in the picture the kids had a chance to control the arm through a computer screen. They arm was to pick up sponges. The kids spent a lot of time at this part of the exhibit. They all took turns and watched in amazement if one would be able to pick up one of the sponges.



This part of the exhibit was also really interesting. It was like the kids were in a submarine. There were lighted up controls. A window at the bottom that you could see coral. On the computer screen my daughter is looking at she was trying to focus in on what you could see through the window. She discovered once it was focused she was seeing coral close up.



Here is a close up view with more lighting of Alvin’s robotic arm.



I don’t remember exactly what this was. It was from the Navy and I know it has to do with exploring the waters.



The last part of the exhibit talked about the Atlantis. The object you see in the picture is a sonar device that is used underwater of course. We also had the chance to see the thermal vents on video and we also got to see different replicas of creatures in the ocean.

Sisters of Spirit

The next exhibit that we saw was called Sisters in Spirit: Native American Stories in Rocks and Beads. The two artists featured here was one from the Onieda Indians and one from European. Together these artists give you a compelling glimpse of the continuing influence of Native Americans on Contemporary Wisconsin Art. Though this exhibit ancient stories speak again.

We saw many different cave paintings as well as things decorated with intricate beadwork. Each one had a story and it was very interesting. I was in in awe of the beautiful and intricate designs. The kids didn’t seem so interested in this but they are young and I get that. I think if they were a little older they would have enjoyed this more.



We also learned about the light houses on the bay of Green Bay as well as ship wrecks in the Fox River. I would have never thought the Fox River was that deep to have ship wrecks. It was really interesting to see and learn about.

One last thing that I have never noticed going down the street and I was in complete awe when I saw it. They had built a memorial by the river walk near the museum. It was completely beautiful. Very nice Memorial. When it is a little warmer we plan on getting closer to see to see the writing on the memorial.



At the ends the kids got to play in the discovery part of the museum. It gave the kids a chance to play and the adults a chance to talk. They even had the video game space invaders in there. Oh does that bring back Atari memories!!


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