Neurologist Appointment

Today Dakota had his neurologist appointment. Things seem to be going well. We discussed the frequent headaches and of course nothing new I am hearing but chalk it up to stress. Sigh… Kinda of sick of hearing the word stress. We also talked about the tremors and he went over Dakota’s case before we came in and said that he does have a history of them and he would let our primary Doctor know what drugs we can treat him with. However we talked more about it and Dakota will always have tremors the good thing is they can’t hurt him. He will have good days and bad days. That’s ok! We decided for now to opt out of meds as we don’t know how long he would be on them or if this is a life thing. He was also very comfortable with the meds. Dakota is on a low dose of seizure meds so that was a plus to hear also. He told me to pull Dakota’s finger if I think he is having a seizure if he doesn’t respond we know it’s a seizure. I never knew that before so I learned something new. We will see him again in one year and we will then do an EEG. So that appointment was very positive.

Dakota had a meltdown yesterday. I had tried to prepare him that after gym he would be spending 15 minutes with the special ed teacher and well he wasn’t happy. He went into a meltdown for I would say almost an hour. I called the principal and left a message and said well I warned you that this would happen but you guys didn’t listen. I said that he has been melting down for a half hour now because he had to spend the time with the special ed teacher. I said THANK YOU and hung up. When I got all the Doctor results back and saw all the Doctor’s involved I told him we were right back at the beginning. The deaf ear from them is what is the most frustrating but there is 4 days of school left now and well I have the whole summer to think about things. On a good note the special ed teacher from this year will NOT be his teacher next year. That’s is an awesome plus because the one now is nothing but a flake. I didn’t even bother responding when the special ed teacher said anything to me. Not worth it anymore. They don’t want to listen I am not going to waste my breate these last 4 days. We shall see how tomorrow goes. It’s really sad that you mention school and he melts down like that. The frustrating part is not knowing and understanding why. We can try so many things but may never know the answers. It’s like a mystery. The best way for me to deal with all this is one day at a time. The summer will give us a nice and fun break.

After the Doctor’s appointment Dakota and I went to Taco Bell. Then we went to The School House to nose around. I picked up one reading book that as he reads I get to ask him questions, a book for him to read to me, another book for him to read to me about money as he struggles with that, and then we picked up a hands on science book about Insects to work on this summer. He is really excited about the book on Insects. I am anxious to see exactly how hands on this is. LOL You all know how he loves his bugs. Either today or tomorrow he will be building his bug house so pictures to come 🙂

6 Responses to “Neurologist Appointment”

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    Thom says:

    Well the best thing to me it sounds is the reduction in meds. Sounds like the doctor really took some interest in this for a change. I’m glad that summer is coming. That way
    you can do some thinking as you say and hopefully get some better teachers next year. I look forward to seeing the photos. A boy and his bugs. LOL. keep the positive attitude. 🙂
    .-= Thom´s last blog ..The Happy Smiley Test and The Harley-Davidson Facts =-.

    admin Reply:

    I was really happy to hear that he didn’t want to raise meds. I asked if we had to go on meds for the tremors and he said no. It’s ok to have the good days and bad days so I don’t mind at all.

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    So glad to hear it went well. 🙂
    .-= Serendipity is Sweet´s last blog ..Memorial Weekend Recap =-.

    admin Reply:

    Thank you. It’s nice for a change. Although when I think about things at times I get frustrated as it seems everything points to stress. I have been starting to try to research autism and stress and all I find is studies that show autistic kids have higher stress levels. I was hoping to find more parents with the same oh not sure how to put it into words. Maybe same thing going on. The seizures are one less thing to worry about and knowing the tremors can’t hurt him and he had them all along makes thing more peaceful. I am just thankful his seizures are controlled too.

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    Russ says:

    Isn’t it nice when you get a good meeting with a doctor. I swear most of them don’t care anymore. Dakota needs someone to work with him. One on one. It would be nice if you could get someone to go to your house. That would keep him in his own environment.Looking for bugs with a friend would be nice. Possibly a big Brother Volunteer.
    Hope he has a good summer.

    admin Reply:

    It was great to have a good meeting. I am lucky that most of the doctors we see are pretty good. We have talked about the one on one many times. I have been given some links to check out for both home schooling and public school. A couple other links for therapy type of things. One is in Southern Wisconsin and I have to read more about it as I don’t understand it very well.

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