Nature’s Beautiful Order Review

Memoria Press is one of my favorite curriculums, as they offer many different topics in a Classical Christian approach. Memoria Press also has award winning Latin programs, that teach your children to master Latin Grammar through step by step process. We had the chance to review one of the newer curriculum called Nature’s Beautiful Order, which is designed for grades 6 – 8. There is also another new curriculum called The Book of Trees.

Nature’s Beautiful Order is an introduction to natural history that instills the beauty of intelligibility of the animal kingdom through the eyes of classical naturalists. It contains 18 lessons where the students are led through the animal kingdom, from invertebrate animals to vertebrate animals. The are talked about in their natural order all the way through man, who is the steward of Creation.

Nature’s Beautiful Order came as a set. I received the reading text book, the student guide and the teacher’s guide. The Students Guide goes along with each chapter of the book with comprehension questions.


How We Used This: 

I used this with my son during our science class. This was a really neat perspective to add to our biology class that we are currently working on. We worked on this roughly about three times a week. I thought we would be able to do a chapter a day but it turns out we had to take our time through this as my son was a little overwhelmed. This was really difficult for him to understand it. I felt like it was above my head too. The first chapter we had to read twice. The first time I read it to him he was so overwhelmed and really didn’t understand it. So when we attempted the questions it was very difficult for him to answer. We had to talk our time through this book because it of it being to complex.

I think this is a wonderful curriculum as learning about animals from classical naturalists was a total different perspective for us. It is not a perspective that one would really think about. It’s always nice to have different perspectives.

In the beginning it talks about What an animal is and then proceeds into what is a living and non living thing. Well you would think this would be very simple to answer. You really had to think beyond. For example: What is a cat? – the answer is we need to go beyond making a list of facts about cats. We need insight into what makes a cat be a cat, or the causes that cats are what they are. They want you to take a look at how we learn through a process of comparing things we see and seeing how distinct they are from one another. Then it went into how plants and animals are different. Again you think it would be easy to describe this but it isn’t. It really gives you a breakdown as far as chemical composition at times. That’s how overwhelming it was. After the first chapter you move into the different animals and you end with man.

We haven’t made it through the end of the book. In fact we have been slower moving through it as we had to read the chapters a couple times before moving on to the questions. We haven’t gave up because we are still learning things from a total different perspective.

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Latin, Nature and Trees {Memoria Press Reviews}

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