My Week In Review – Spring is here!!

Our Week In Review Spring Is Here

This week I am participating in My Week In Review Hosted by Home to 4 Kiddos. If you would like to join in, you can read her rules and link up at her page.

It surely has felt like spring here the last couple weeks. Today again it is suppose to be in the 50’s. Then it will drop into the 30’s and 40’s. I am really grateful that it isn’t bitter cold. I noticed that the trees are starting to grow buds on them. My tulips are starting to come out of the ground. If your quiet you can hear the pine cones crackling as they open. It has been dry though and we are in a drought. The snow has melted and we haven’t had any more rain/snow. I don’t mind as my basement won’t leak hopefully as the frost line disappears.


I love this time of year when you visit the Wild Life Sanctuary and the Zoo. The animals start to become more active. I caught some really great pictures of the animals the last couple times we have been out. I really want to get to the zoo as it’s a magical time of year seeing them so active.

Earlier this week my daughter had her ultra sound on her kidneys. I haven’t seen the radiologist report in the charts yet. So I am guessing I won’t find anything out until Tuesday at her appointment. She also had a dentist appointment this week and no cavities.


The kids have been working on art projects this week. We did some scratch art with oil pastels, painted in water colors and used gold paper, and a fresco type of painting.

We are still reading The Tales of Despereaux yet for Literature. The kids have been doing vocabulary, discussions, and copy work. I think they are enjoying the story.

In history the kids are learning about the earliest people. We are talking about how people moved around a lot being hunters and gatherers. They did some copy work, coloring, and we are going to work on writing some things about Nomadic Tribes today.

For our science we have been doing nature studies. We have been looking for predators and drawing them in our nature books, we have taken notice of the signs of spring, and today we are going to work on some life cycle studies.

We are at a brick wall with my son for Language/Writing. He does really well with grammar but struggles with sentence. I am trying to figure out if we need to just work on something easier or find a new curriculum. My daughter is moving along nicely in her books. She has been enjoying learning cursive as well.

My daughter is really enjoying her gymnastics class. Although I am not really impressed with it. Will save that for another post for another day. My son is also enjoying karate. My daughter mentioned that she would like to quit ice skating. I am surprised as she really liked it. I am making her finish up the classes we have paid for. She is showing an interest in gymnastics and I have been calling around for pricing. I think she will change her mind and stay in it. We shall see.

This weekend we don’t have much planned. Found a deal on a new tread mill and will be picking that up this weekend. I will be glad to have the tread mill again. I have missed mine. We also plan on raking up the leaves in the yard and cleaning the garage. Tomorrow morning my daughter will have a make up class for ice skating for more practice.

Hope you all have a great week!


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