My Week In Review – Been a Busy Couple Weeks

My Week In Review

This week I am participating in My Week In Review hosted by Home to 4 Kiddos. If you would like to join in these weekly meme, head on over to link up. While your there see what other homeschoolers have been up too.

The last couple weeks have been a little busy and overwhelming for us. It has been filled with doctor’s appointments. Yesterday I found out my son’s vitamin D was extremely low and the doctor had said that it was the cause for most things going on with my son. Sorry I am just not sold on that. Some of things yes I believe it, but others no. So he is to take that daily until the end of May. Today we have a neurologist appointment for him and I have lots of questions for him. Will create a new post for that later.

My daughter has to have an ultra sound on her kidneys as her urine tests have been showing high protein. I don’t know what it means. I didn’t ask as I didn’t want anything to worry about unless I had too. I have enough on my plate at the moment.

I even found out I have to have an ultrasound on my leg if the swelling doesn’t go down in a month. Around Thanksgiving time in 2013 I took a really bad fall and the doctor thinks I have traumatized my leg. It could be now just chronic swelling but they are now concerned about an incompetent vein. If that is the case they will have to do surgery. Not really crazy about that idea. The swelling hasn’t gone down. I should mention that I fell again a couple weeks ago. Hmmm may I should say I flew like superman and bounced on my news on the side walk.

We are reading The Tale of Desperaux with both of the kids for our Literature. The kids have daily vocabulary, questions, copy work, and I make them draw a scene from what I have read to them. They seem to really be enjoying it so far. I might watch the movie with them once we are doing reading the book.

For Dakota we are still chugging through Math U See. We started our Apologia Astronomy. So far we are really enjoying. We have our first project coming up. We were going to do it this week but Doctor appointments set me behind. We have been using the World History Detectives for History (a review item). We have started Spanish and so far so good with that. We are going to be starting to do some art projects next week with some artist studies. I am looking forward to that. For reading we are still reading the Magic Tree House books and working in a lap book. That will change soon with another review.


Brittany made a big accomplishment this passed weekend. She passed Basic 3 in her ice skating lessons. I am a little nervous as now she is getting into jumps now and forward. So this should be interesting. She still has to work on going backward. I think she is afraid to go backwards. She said she doesn’t like going backwards. If you follow my Facebook page then you know she is like a little speed skater going forward. She loves to spin on her skates.

We also went to Disney on Ice a couple weeks ago. My daughter loved it. She was a little disappointed there was no Frozen in it. She was excited with each show. Her face lit up when it started.


We put Math U See on hold as Brittany has been using Great Parents Academy for Math (another review). For history we are now using Build Your Own Library which uses Story of the World for History and we are doing Nature Studies for science. We are also using Visual Learning Systems for science as well (another review). Brittany is trucking along with All About Reading. She is doing really well. Still in the decoding stage. She is also learning spanish and it has been fun for her.

We have been learning about archeaology and I wanted to do something special. So Brittany had to excavate to find her treasure. It was a little treasure box she had to chisel away. In it was fool’s gold. She had fun using the tools. Once spring is here we are going to find a spot in the yard to dig and explore.


We also saw some amazing ice sculptures in Sturgeon Bay. All along the main streets there were different ice sculptures. My favorite was Olaf.

I forgot to mention I also signed up my daughter for gymnastics. The new skating lessons and gymnastic start next week. We are going to sign the kids up for Phy Ed for Homeschoolers at the Y that starts next week too.

Hope you all have a great week!


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