My Sons Parenting Class And Talks Of Autism

At the start of the school year I was a little outraged as to the Parenting Class being mandatory. Back in my days it was something that was optional. I don’t think it should be forced on the kids however after I did a little checking with the school board and talked with the teacher I kind of changed my mind. Unfortunately there are parents out there that won’t teach their kids so well many schools have taken upon themselves. Now I can teach my kid parenting skills. Heck he has a younger brother and sister. So he knows what babies are like.

After talking with the teacher it’s a lot more psychology then anything in the class. I wasn’t really fond of an electronic baby coming home. So instead and this is what I was more impressed with then anything. The teacher has invited my son and I to class to talk about autism. The teacher was like I am always willing to learn more about things I don’t know. I mentioned to her they can’t teach you what it is like to have an autistic child as every child with autism is different. What I can teach them is the red flags and talk about my own experience. My son plays a role in this too. He gets to talk about what it’s like having an autistic brother.

Needless to say this will be interesting as this will be a high school class. Wondering how many kids will actually listen and ask question. I have to spend some time this week coming up with a presentation. I am actually kind of excited about this.

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