My chaotic week

We have had the most horrible week. Dakota had med changes we went from one end of the spectrum to another. It’s absolutely horrible. I really hate the way meds alter behaviors or make other behaviors worse. Now don’t go thinking I am blaming  just med because he really does have behaviors he needs to change.

We went up to Gills Rock for the 4th of July. The morning started out bad. Boys fighting, Dakota hyper and bouncing off the walls and then mean, moody, grumpy and so forth. I think you get the idea. Well then finally it calmed down. It was a chore just to get his rear to move to the middle seat in the truck. Sigh… Well then finally his mood changed for a while. We stopped and Uncle Tom’s Cabin. That’s a candy place. I tried cherry brittle and well I didn’t care for it. I bought some dark chocolate with cherries in it. YUM..Then we finally headed to the park. Brittany got to play in a swing for awhile. Dakota ran for a while. We walked around for a bit and went back to the park. Then we went to dinner. Man that place was expensive. And well after what happend I don’t think I want to go back. Dakota was acting up, people were staring. My daughter figured out how to scream so she was screaming. Well the guy brought water. Do you think he could have moved it farther back. Well my daughter being the quick princess grabby that she is dumped ice cold water all over me. Duh… Then it took forever to get our order and drinks. Daughter screaming, DAktoa acting up. Finally I got dakota to sit on my lap so I could get him calm. Well that worked. But the lady at the next table kept giving me dirty looks. In fact I got a lot of looks. I was already embarassed by the behavior much less alone did I need that. I felt like standing up and screaming He has autism what is your problem. But I didn’t Once the food was served things got better. The food was so GOOD! EXPENSIVE but good. On the way out Dakota tried to take two candy bars. GASP… I ran after him and returned the candy bars and apologized. Then he was sassy. Earl took him back to the truck for a time out. Then we walked around and watched the boat rigada. That was neat. Even got splashed by the water when the boats sped past. The kids played their hearts out. The fireworks were awesome. I swear there was 3 grand finales.

Today we just stayed at home and relaxed. Brittany has been running a fever of 103. In a few minutes I am going to check her temp again wake her up and give her tylenol before I go to sleep. I am a little nervous falling asleep with her temp being high. Oh yeah I noticed she has a third tooth now. If she still has a fever it’s back to the doctors tomorrow to find out why.

I caught a very funny video on my blackberry of Dakota and Brittany and I don’t know how to get it uploaded to youtube or just on a website in general. If you know could you please tell me. I would love to share it.

Hope you all had a great weekend! Tomorrow starts a new week for us and I hope it’s better then last week.

I will share some pictures from the weekend later this week.

13 Responses to “My chaotic week”

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    Thom says:

    You poor thing. But you survived and that’s the main thing. Since I have come across so many people with children like Dakota I have such a different opinion of this all now. I would have probably been one of the mean people that stare before. Now I’m so different than that. Stacie I swear I would have said something nasty to all of them and held my head high. I know that would be wrong, but if people don’t know and are so shallow they deserve whatever you decide to say. Shame on me and I think parents that have kids with disabilities need to educate others and say “You know I’m sorry about my kid, but he is autistic and I love him/her to death” Make them feel shallow for judging a book by it’s cover. Bastards.

    As far as sharing your video, I don’t own a BB but I would think that you could download it from your BB to your computer. Once there, you have to have an account at Youtube and you should be able to download it. I would think.

    Good luck I hope you do get it on Youtube 🙂
    .-= Thom´s last blog ..My Grandmother’s Birthday and Monday Crazy Questions 8 – The Bucket list and other oddities =-.

    admin Reply:

    You know what my dad said something similar to me yesterday. See my problem is when things get like that I would probably have spoke my mind with out thinking it through.

  • 2
    Grampy says:

    I believe Thom is right about the video. I don’t do videos much. Sorry about the problems. Med changes can be hell.
    .-= Grampy´s last blog ..Doll House and Etc. =-.

    admin Reply:

    They sure are. I hope they get fixed soon because I can’t imagine it’s easy on Dakota either.

  • 3
    clairity says:

    Wow, I’m impressed at how you handled it all. Hope this week will be better for you.
    .-= clairity´s last blog ..earn good karma, sponsor me @ Blogathon 2009 =-.

    admin Reply:

    Clarity it was very hard. Even my mom said I didn’t realize things were like this.

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    theothermousie says:

    Hello, I’ve just read your post on AutismLearningFelt – so thought I’d pop over & say Hi. I’m Sarah (theothermousie) and I have a 4 1/2 year old son with ASD. I know things get very tough – but you aren’t alone – just wanted you to know that x

    admin Reply:

    Hi Sarah! Thank you so much for stopping by! Hope to see you again 🙂

  • 5
    Mike says:

    Impressive the way you handled yourself with such grace in the midst of all the chaos…I’m not sure I would have…Hope today is much better for you…Peace
    .-= Mike´s last blog ..Can we all just get along?….Apparently not =-.

    admin Reply:

    Thanks Mike. Today is a new day so it has to be better. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

  • 6

    You weren’t kidding about not having a great weekend. It’s tough when kids are sick. I hope this week will be spectacular and make you forget all about those terrible days.

    admin Reply:

    Thanks Maria. This week is going pretty good so far 🙂

  • 7
    Lynne says:

    WOW! I’m exhausted just thinking about your day, but I also thing you had some very shining moments that made the day fun and memorable for everyone. Ignore the woman giving you looks, she didn’t have a clue and should’ve been minding her own business.
    .-= Lynne´s last blog ..Dog Shampoo =-.

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