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Are you a mom who struggles with getting things organized and your house cleaned? I know I am. Between homeschool and cleaning, it seems that I have to sacrifice cleaning to get it done. With Motivated Moms iOS App (with full year server access) I am now able to keep up on my house and make sure my homeshooling day is done.

Motivated Moms is a handy chore chart that I have installed on my iPhone. Everyday there is pre-planned daily list of chores that will allow me to check off as I make my way through the list. The app is a version of the popular e-book Motivated Moms.


I am absolutely in love with this app. It has helped me tremendously to stay on top of things. I don’t feel over whelmed and it doesn’t take me nearly as long to get my cleaning done. In fact there is things in there I wouldn’t have even added to my list so I love the rotation in the app. I can also add custom things to my list. I can assign my kids chores and they will appear in a different color.

All the tasks assigned in the average home are planned through out the year. I love how they go to the bottom of the list when I check them off. It’s such a great feeling to feeling accomplished each day. I love the medicine/vitamin reminders because I would always forget my medicine. I am good at giving the kids their medicines but I am bad at taking my own.

I love that I don’t have major cleaning days anymore. Everything seems balanced Don’t get me wrong I add in mopping my floors because I can’t stand the dirt. I have to vacuum the whole house every day because I can’t stand dog hair.

The picture below is from the book but will kind of give you an idea of what the tasks look like.


The app if flexible. You can hide things that do not pertain to you. You can also move things around to a different day.

There is also a reading the bible added to it daily. If you don’t read the bible you can hide that.

I use this app religiously every day. Most of it I can accomplish in the morning. There might be one or two things I have to do at night. No big deal. I liked that cleaning the fridge wasn’t a big job. You did a shelf at a time. It makes things not so over whelming. I have a clean fridge 🙂

Everyday tasks of cleaning your sink. I don’t have a dish washer as I am the dish washer. So I keep that on through the day to remind me to do the dishes.

I like the fact that if I need to I can sync between other devices, such as iPad and iPod. I don’t have an iPod but it’s nice when I want to use my iPad. When you check off the task on one device it applies to all the devices. You can print/email daily tasks lists as well.


The app is $1.99 and comes with 2 months of tasks and server access. After that you have your choice of paying 99 cents per month or $7.99 a year for a subscription to the tasks and server access.

In all reality that isn’t a bad house to stay sane and have a clean house.


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