Motion Math: Wings iPad Review

Motion Math, the pioneer of fun, interactive mobile math games, has just released the newest learning game for ipad Motion Math: Wings. This app helps children from ages 4 and up develop a conceptual understanding of multiplication, practice mental multiplying, and improve estimation.

In Motion Math: Wings, players use the accelerometer to control a flying bird who travels across diverse islands, building a nest and winning colorful feathers. Along the way, the bird solves the multiplication problems.

Most math worksheets and math games only show numeric symbols, such as 4 x 5 = 2o. Motion Math: Wings shows multiplication in six different visual forms: rows of dots, “groups of” dots, a grid, a labelled grid, and symbols (4 x5).

Motion Math: Wings includes:

  • Fast, engaging gameplay, stylish graphics, and fun music for maximum flying excitement.
  • Six visual representations of multiplication problems.
  • Customization – players win feathers and twigs to color the bird and build its nest.
  • Ten levels of difficulty, from estimation of dots for preschoolers all the way up to challenging levels for adults.

Motion Math: Wings App is available for free from the Apple Store on Ipad or at Addition levels are available through In-App Purchase.


About Motion Math

Motion Math creates fun learning games that let kids play with numbers. The company’s iPad app, conceived at the Stanford School of Education, made fraction estimation fun and physical and won a Serious Play Gold Medal. A rigorous efficacy study – the first done on an iPad educational app – found the game improved test scores 15% and attitudes towards fractions by 10%. Subsequent games – Motion Math Zoom and Motion Math: Hungry Fish – have received rave reviews, promotion by Apple, and #5 rankings in the Education category. Motion Math is backed by a world-class group of angel investors, including Mitch Kapor, Dave McClure, and Mike Wood (the founder of LeapFrog), and has been featured in TechCrunch, VentureBeat, Wired, WSJ, Forbes, and the NYT. Most importantly: kids, parents, and teachers love Motion Math products. To learn more, visit

My Thoughts:

Motion Math: Wings is our new favorite math game. I had both the kids try it as well as myself. Brittany loved that she could fly the bird. I had to remind her she had to look for things that were bigger as she flew the bird. Now at times she would run in the wrong number and the bird would bounce back. When she got it right she was really proud of herself.  My oldest son kind breezed through it a little. He is still slowly learning multiplication so this will be perfect for him. As you get  farther along the levels get more challenging. We all really liked this app. It’s very easy to use. You can speed up or slow down the speed of the bird by how you tilt the iPad. One time I heard my son scream mom look at all the colorful feathers as we were going through the problems 🙂 I love the fact that this app starts for preschool on up. I also like the visual variations of the game too. It makes you think quickly. We will be adding this app into our homes school day for multiplication practice. Keep in mind you can download the app for free. If you want more levels you purchase them through an In-App purchase.

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review. I did receive a copy of the unlocked version for all levels of Motion Math: Wings for my review. The opinions in this blog post are 100 percent mine.



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