Motion Math: Hungry Guppy App Review

Are you looking for a great app to teach your young child numbers and basic addition? Well look no further I have go the perfect app for you to check out. Motion Math: Hungry Guppy is great for 3 – 7 year olds who are learning to identify numbers and basic addition.

As you can see from the picture above you can see dots. The fish has three dots so the child must figure out how many dots make three. They can drag the bubble with 2 dots to the bubble with 1 dot and then it makes three. Then drag it to feed the fish. As the child feeds the fish the number of dots it gets bigger.

 Motion Math: Hungry Guppy features a fish who loves to eat numbers, with 15 total levels:
– In the Dots levels, young children who don’t yet know numbers can practice addition. They’ll learn, for example, that ● + ●● makes ●●●.
– In the Mixed levels, kids will learn number symbols. For example, ●●● and 3 have the same meaning.
– In the Numbers levels, learners can practice adding numbers up to 5, seeing the different ways to make a sum.
– Fun graphics, music, and customizable colors make Hungry Guppy an experience children will enjoy for hours.

My Daughter Using Motion Math: Please excuse the mess in the background. I have been on the go lately and was slacking on the cleaning.

Our Thoughts:

My daughter absolutely loved this game. From the video you saw she was very focused on making the dots. She would get really excited when the fish got bigger which meant she was doing it right. Since we put this on our ipad she spends every morning on it for a great deal of time. I love how it makes the child think. They don’t realize they are learning basic addition as they are doing this. I love that the dots are a visual of the actual number.

You can purchase Motion Math: Hungry Guppy in the app store for $2.99 and it is compatible with ipod, iphone and ipad.

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