Monki Animal Builder App Review

Monki Animal Builder is an app that lets your child have fun, be creative, and use their imagination in creating their own animal.


When you first open the app you press an arrow and you are brought to a page that has 6 eggs. Your child will pick which egg they would like to hatch. I noticed that each egg we picked had a different shape that it hatched. One hatched you press on the body.


Then you are taken to the next screen. You pick which color you would like to make your animal. You can use more then one color. You can even make polka dots, swirls, whatever else your fingers can create. There is also a sponge so if you don’t like it you can wash it away and start over.


Once you are happy with the color you proceed to the next screen by tapping the dots on the bottom. Then the fun part begins. You click on the presents. Their are things to start building up your animals such as eyes, nose, and mouth. What ever you don’t like you just drag off the screen. You just drag the items you would like to use on your animal.

When your done creating the face then you touch the buttons again and you click on each present. You will find arms, legs and ears. Again once you are finished you press the dots to move forward.

In the last screen you can choose a hat, different glasses, bows and necklaces. You have the option at any time to take a picture. You can come back to your animal at any time.

You have 6 different shapes to chose from. (Remember you choose an egg at the beginning, that is where your shape comes from) The names of the shape are Hairyball, Pear, Butterfly, Potato, Snowman, and slug.

There is over 30 animated body parts that bring the creature to life. You have 15 different accessories to choose from. You don’t have to use them if you don’t want too.

There is 90+ different audio tracks with educational vocabulary and sentences.

While your playing you will hear different sounds and questions. My daughter and I had fun with this. We made conversations and different stories about the animals we created.

I loved the imagination that can stem from this. There is so many different possibilities.

There is two things that I think would add more fun to this app. It would be nice to put these animals in different backgrounds and it would be nice if the animals could talk back once the kids respond. For example, we heard, “What did you say?” My daughters response was: “I said Hello” as she said it with a smile.

I loved the colors and animations in the app. There are no in app purchases or pop ups in this app. To get to the outside the parent has to swipe the screen with two fingers.

We had a lot of fun creating. I can see my daughter spending lots of time making silly animals and telling lots of stories. You can see her creation below.


This is great for kids ages 4 and up.

You can purchase Monki Animal Builder in the app store for $2.99. It is compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.



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