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Progeny Press Review

My daughter enjoys reading and I love every chance we get to use study guides with books. I feel study guides just enhance the learning. For this review we used the Miss Rumphius Study Guide by Progeny Press. The recommended grade level for this particular study is Grades 1 – 3.


Miss Rumphius is a book that we have had on the book shelf and had planned on reading. So this was perfect that we had the chance to review this. The setting for this story is in Maine in the early 1900’s. Miss Rumphius is also known as Alice Rumphius in this story, as well as being called the Lupine Lady. The story talks about when she was younger. She had listened to many things her grandfather had told her and in a way she followed in his footsteps. She had told her grandfather that she wanted to travel and live by the sea. Her grandfather then told her to do a third thing and find a way to make the world more beautiful. She had the chance to travel to some amazing faraway places and she did end up living by the sea. I don’t want to tell to much of the story as you will find out in the ending as to how she made the world a more beautiful place.

The study guide is 43 pages long. It contains information about the book and the author. There are activities to do before you read the book and after you have read the book. The study guide is amazing there are three sections that work with the book. The sections contain vocabulary work, comprehension questions, digging deeper, looking at the artwork, bible verses and how it relates to the story.

How We Used This: 

We used this in a weeks time. I broke each section up by by day. We started out with a synopsis of the book and talked about the author. Then we proceeded in the before you read activities. We then read the book together. It took us 3 days as I did a section a day after we read the book. We started out with the vocabulary and went on to the questions. We observed the art work in the book and answered questions. The bible verses were great matches with the story and made you think of how the two were related and how you could apply them in life. There was also activities and projects to do in each section as well.


My daughter did really well with the the questions. What I liked the most was how the questions pertained to the artwork and some of the projects were things that happened int he book or how you observed the art work. When Miss Rumphius went to far away places that she visited, especially one she made friends and to remember her trip and her friends she was given gifts that would remind her. One of the projects was to create something for someone who lives far away so that they would remember you and your home. My daughter made some sort of art work out of play dough that she is allowing to dry to give to her grandmother.


Another activity that we did was interview grandma and find out what she was doing at Brittany’s age. She had to draw a picture. Her picture she drew was of my mom and her older brother playing basket. My mom was a tomboy. She told Brittany some other stories such as she loved to ride her bike and when her younger brother was born she helped take care of him. She really enjoyed hearing some of the stories.


One of her favorite projects was painting. It was also looking at the colors and contrast in the book as well. One of the projects was to paint a picture connecting the sky and the water. I think she had a hard time doing it but I think she figured it out.

Next time we are going to the store we are going to see if we can find lupine seeds to plant.

Everything in the study guide flowed so nicely and I really believe my daughter enjoyed it. I really liked the questions we worked through as well. That way I knew if she had been paying attention to the story or not. I really liked that it referenced and talked about the art work as well. I found that to be very interesting as well as seeing how observant my daughter was too.

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Progeny Press Review

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