Memoria Press – Second Grade Literature Guide Set – Review

Memoria Press Review

We had the chance to review the Second Grade Literature Guide Set from Memoria Press. The set included an answer key, The Courage of Sara Noble, Prairie School, Tales From Beatrix Potter, Animal Folk Tales of America, and Little House In the Big Woods. We were going to do Little House in the Big Woods but my daughter wanted to start with The Courage of Sarah Noble.


The Second Grade Literature Guide Set are built off real classics. The books were not included in the set. The set was just the student study guide and the answer key. I know I am suppose to be talking about the second grade set but they do have other literature sets for grades 2 – 7. I have always felt that the classics are much better stories then they have now as they challenge kids to think about things more.

The guides focus on spelling, vocabulary, comprehension, and composition skills. Each lesson has a word study that builds up the child’s vocabulary. The comprehension questions help the child to be able to identify the settings, character, and important parts of the story. There is also an activity at the end of each chapter. There are Honors Activities as well in between so many chapters that get you to rethink about the previous chapters. The child then can illustrate a scene.

How We Used This:

My daughter picked out The Courage of Sarah Noble. This book is a historical fiction book. In the beginning we talked a little bit about what historical fiction books were. She was identifying the title and the author. She was very interested in this book because the history of it was true but the characters were fictional. It was a time back in the days were people traveled a distance to find and build a house. People were friending some of the Indians as well. Sarah travelled with her father to build a new house for the family. During that journey she met some Indian Children that she became friends with. One of the Indians helped her father build the house. There was a point where Sarah said good bye to her dad while he went back to get the rest of the family. She stayed with one of the Indian friends. Then she is reunited with her family. During parts of the book Sarah would get scared or something would happen and she always told herself to Keep Up Her Courage.

We worked on a lesson each day for 4 days a week during this review. We would read a chapter a day. We did the comprehension questions as we read the story. Most of the time my daughter did pretty good but there were times she had to reread parts of it to get an answer. Every few chapters there is an Honor Activity and it simply recalls what you have already read. The child answers questions and does a drawing. Let me tell you about each lesson.

Drawing Activity From Scene In Story

For each chapter you have a pronounce and spell. You are given 4 small columns of words. I had my daughter read each word. There were times I had her try to see if she could spell them on the white board. Other times she did it orally. We then moved on to the Vocabulary. I really like how the vocabulary is set up. The word is used in a sentence and your child has to figure out the meaning of the word in bold. There were times my daughter could figure it out and there were times we had to look up the words in the dictionary. Each lesson had comprehension questions. We did the questions as we read the story. Each lesson also has some sort of activity. The activity could be looking on a map, drawing, discussion, writing sentences, and so on.

I had looked through some of the other study guides and they are all very similar in how they work. I really love how they study guides are set up. I love the fact that there is recall after a few chapters so it gets the child to remember what has happened so far. I like that it introduces new vocabulary to kids. I also like that it puts fun into this by letting the child draw parts of the story.

My daughter seemed to really enjoy reading the classic as well as working in the study guide. I would say her favorite part was the drawing because that is one of her favorite things to do.

I want to mention that even though each of the study guides in this literature set is similar with the comprehension questions, vocabulary, discussion, and drawing, each one has a nice advantage. I noticed with the Courage of Sarah Noble it focused on plot, characters, and settings more. Tales From Beatrix Potter has life lessons and language lessons. I really think I love the idea of life lessons and it has something to teach the child. Animals Folk Tales I noticed there was a section in one of them for poem writing. I think that also makes a great addition. I also noticed there were different short stories in that book. Prairie School is similar to The Courage of Sarah Noble, however I noticed there was more projects in art. In Little House and the Big Woods they talk about fact and opinion, venn diagram, and learning about Wisconsin.

I like the fact that each study guide has something special to teach. Like I said they are all very similar but each one is unique. It is teaching the child to focus on learning something new with the classics. I really like the fact that in Tales From Beatrix Potter there are life lessons to be learned. I also am excited about the short stories and poetry. I think this makes for a really great literature study set for second graders.

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Memoria Press Literature Guides Review

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