Just a little while ago I heard my son crying. I thought he was actually hurt. He was crying and covering his ears. He was playing with some of his little friends. One of the little girls was saying her and her cousin were the winner and Dakota was the loser. He didn’t understand what that meant but got frantically worked up as he thought they were picking on him directly. I had to go outside and try to calm him down. Nothing I said or could say could help bring him out of this melt down. He lashed out at the little boy who took his sword and grabbed it from him. I pulled the little girl aside and said Dakota doesn’t understand what your saying he thinks your picking on him. She didn’t quite understand and I kinda figured that would happen. But I was so proud of the little girl as she tried to say to Dakota would wouldn’t listen at the time, that it doesn’t matter who wins or loses. Then she said Dakota and her cousin were winners. That really made me proud as in her own little way she understood. I told her that was really a great idea that you came up with all on your own. Just when you think kids don’t understand they seem to amaze you. Now this meltdown has passed and he is playing nicely again.

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