Math U See Review – A Fun and Fresh Approach To Math

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I am really excited to share with you a math program from Math U See. We were very lucky to be able to review the Primer version. This is perfect for introducing mathematics in a very gentle approach.  We received the Student Workbook, Instruction Manual, DVD and Manipulatives.

Now I would like to note that this is not a per grade program. So if your considering using this program that you take the math placement test to see what the best fit is for your child. Now since my daughter knew her numbers and could identify them the Primer version was perfect for us. My daughter is four and we are working on a Kindergarten level clear across the board for all subjects.

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Let me take a moment to let you know the concepts that your child will be learning in the Primer Version:

  • Counting objects and developing numeracy
  • Understanding place value
  • Recognizing number names and symbols
  • Reading and writing numerals
  • Understanding addition and subtraction with concrete and representational models
  • Understanding and writing the symbols – + and +
  • Addition and subtraction of select numbers
  • Telling and writing time by hours and minutes
  • Recognizing & drawing circles, squares, and rectangles
  • Measuring length by repeating units
  • Introducing halves and fourths
  • Skip counting by 2, 5, 10 and 100
  • Reading, writing and interpreting word problems

There have been a couple changes in the new version. The first thing was the student workbooks were expanded with including the downloaded activities from the website to engage the child in their learning. It used to be called “Activities” but is now titled Application and Enrichment pages. The instruction manual has many new suggestions and ideas to help understand key concepts and make learning fun. Lastly some of the diagrams and instructions were changed to become more clear.

You can purchase the Primer Instruction Pack for $31.00. The Student Workbook is $22.00. The Manipulative Block Set is $38.00. There is also some recommended suggestions that you can purchase to help your child with their learning as well.

I used this math program daily with my daughter. In the beginning I swore we were going to complete the 30 chapters in 30 days at the rate she was moving. When we first started we did a chapter a day until we got to the 3rd chapter she is not a big coloring person so that slowed us a little bit where I could only get a page done a day. I like to go at her pace. The funny thing was we completed the first chapter in one day and she still wanted to continue. I had to tell her no she had to wait until the next day. So you can see she really was intrigued and wanted to learn.

At the beginning of every lesson I would look into the Instruction book to look at the suggestions. Some of the suggestions are great and we had fun. For example when we first started one of the suggestions was to jump and and clap the numbers. My daughter liked it so much that we use that a lot in each lesson when I can integrate it. I find the instruction manual very helpful.

We then popped the video in at the beginning of the lesson. The video only lasts a couple minutes which is perfect for my daughter. I like how the videos demonstrate what the child will be doing in the lesson they are working on. I feel it’s very visual approach to introduction before the lesson. In the video the teacher has kids in his classroom. So you hear the kids responses.

We then move on to the Student Workbook. Now again we can move through lessons quick or we can do them slow. I go at my daughters pace and interest. So some days are better then others. With the workbook pages we use the manipulative blocks. I love the blocks as they are a added visual bonus. I like the concept of build, write and say. We use this approach a lot through the book.

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Let me give you a little visual of the build, write and say. For example when we first started my daughter was learning the numbers 0 – 9. So we identified the number first. If we had to count something to figure out the number we did that. Then we took 9 green blocks out of the box. The green blocks represent the place value of one. We would count out the blocks we needed. On the student workbook page there is a tall rectangle that has 10 boxes. We would put the number of green blocks we needed on top of the squares. My daughter would get a visual for the number. She would have to color the boxes. Then trace the number.

Don’t mind my daughters zero in the picture when she counts she always says zero off to the side before she actually counted the squares. In stead of coloring she numbered the boxes.


My overall feel of this math program is that it has a very gentle approach in the learning. Each lesson spins off the previous. It’s not overloaded with to many facts but to the point. It’s not boring as the manipulatives bring fun and visual hands on work. You can move at your own pace through this. I was very impressed with Math U See Primer. I think that this math curriculum will work well with her. I plan on sticking with this math program in the future with my daughter. I am not just saying this because I got to review it. For me holding my kids interest is the key to their learning and when I find something that works it’s definitely a keeper.

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