MarshMedia – An Amazing Homeschool Special Review

One of the things that I love to do with our homeschool is to incorporate video. I have been lucky this time around with this review for MarshMedia as they have about 54 videos that produces health education for grades K – 8. We had the chance to review the Homeschool Special. If this has caught your eye before I get into my review and you wish to take advantage of the opportunity to introduce MarshMedia curriculum to your homeschoolers click on the link below for more information.

MarshMedia has many different videos that cover health, puberty, hygiene, safety, nutrition, and social skills. Each video tells you what grade it is appropriate for, which is very nice. I really liked the fact that there were many different health videos period. I don’t think any of them were longer then 40 minutes. Some of the videos were less time. They really covered the topics well.

How We Used This: 

I watched these videos with my daughter. We watched the videos that were suitable for 3rd/4th grade. I feel that this came at the right time as I have been slowly having some little talks with my daughter here and there. The first video we watched and I would highly recommend it was Meet the New You for Girls. It was basically an introduction to puberty. It talked about body changes, hygiene, and emotional changes. It even talked briefly about having a period and self esteem. I really was very impressed with this. My daughter had no questions after that. She really enjoyed watching the video. She didn’t find it embarrassing like some videos you come across. I like how it was tailored to grade specific. They have both videos for boys and girls. There are different ages were they learn different things. I really think they did a good job seperating the topics by grade.

Another one of my favorites was I know How to Act. It’s about having the right skills as a special needs person. Honestly I think any child could watch this and really benefit from it. My daughter was like, Mom I know how to act. I was like just watch it as you may learn something new. Some of the topics were cognitive challenges, dating, friendship, inclusion, and other social and leadership skills. It also talked about good touches and bad touches. It was something we talked about, but it was nice for my daughter to see it in a video.

Another one of these that stand out to me is You’re Not a Little Kid Anymore. This video was all about hygiene. The topics in this video are: bathing, hand washing, care of teeth, hair and nails, and the importance of clothes that are neat and clean. I really liked how things were demonstrated in this video. Again, I can not stress that these topics are right on the grade level. So again they are really getting something out of it and understanding it.

When you watch the videos you see kids of about the same ages. I think that really helps communicate the topics and understanding of what is being watched. Like I said, I love the fact that everything in the age groups are understandable and not over talked about. The videos are engaging, as I noticed my daughter into each and every one of them. I would really recommend this if you are looking for videos to add to your homeschool.

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