Make Your Own Paper Mache Whale – Ocean Theme


We have been working on our ocean and theme and one of the things we have recently made was a paper mache whale. Both my kids are working on an ocean theme, however my daughter was working on the Blue Whale. I had my son make one as we are working on sensory issues. He does not like gooey things and he doesn’t like his hands sticky.

The Blue Whale is actually really interesting as it is the biggest animal in the world. I had no idea it could grow up to 98 feet long and weigh up to 170 tons. That’s pretty big and heavy. What was new to me as we were reading was that the blue whale is actually a mammal. They are warm blooded and have small hairs on their body. When they breathe, they breathe through a blow hole at the top of their heads. Another things is the babies  are born alive and drink milk. They are carnivores and like to eat a small animal called krill. Krills look like shrimp. So even though they swim in the ocean, they are very different then fish.

Front View of Blue Whale


Side View of Blue Whale

To make your own paper mache whale you will need: 

  • newspaper
  • balloon
  • water
  • flour
  • salt
  • blue paint
  • blue construction paper
  • black paint
  • spoon
  • bowl
  • scissors
  • glue


First you will blow up your balloon. In a bowl you will need to mix 1 cup flour to 1 cup milk. I put a couple tablespoons of salt in the mix so the flour would not mold. Mix it up. You will need to rip newspapers into strips. You will need many strips.

Dip the newspaper into the flour/water/salt mixture. Then place on balloon. You will make several layers till you have the balloon fully covered and their are no bumps. We just made it as thick as we could get it. You will set aside and let it dry. I think it actually took 2 – 3 days for ours to fully dry and harden.

Once dry have your child/student paint the balloon blue. Make sure all the white spots are covered. Set aside to dry. I let ours dry over night as the kids put so much paint on theirs.

We folded the blue paper in half and cut the shape of a heart. We glued the tip of the heart to the paper mache piece to make it look like a tail. I had the kids paint eyes and mouth. If I thought about it some more I should have had them paint a blow hole on the top to look like the blue whale.

2 Responses to “Make Your Own Paper Mache Whale – Ocean Theme”

  • 1

    We did a dino paper mache project once, and it was a nightmare, lol. You must be better at this than we were. 🙂
    Shecki @ Greatly Blessed´s last blog post ..More Testing For Luke

    admin Reply:

    Well I think I blew the balloons up to big as it looks like a round melon instead of a whale. That would be awesome to make a dino out of paper mache.

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