LoobaLee Halloween Giveaway


In case you missed the giveaway I had on my blog that was sponsored by LoobaLee there are a couple more ways you can still win a subscription. I guess your in luck!!

If your new here and don’t know what LoobaLee is read my review HERE.

Before I go into the contests let me state there is no better place to buy and sell kids designer clothes then LoobaLee. They are much better then Ebay. Remember the is NO added fees. Your not losing out on money at all! One thing I might have forgot to state in my review is they have some clever widgets you can share on your blogs. So please before you decide no check them out with an open mind!

Now on to the contests:

Here is how to Enter:

LoobaLee is have a Halloween Giveaway. To enter all you have to do is list one or more items in the following categories: “Costumes – Dress Up” or with a theme “Holiday – Halloween” to be entered in the contest for a free full year subscription to LoobaLee! This contest runs from now until October 20th, 2009. Also if your already subscribed and you list in these categories they will refund or credit with an extension! Your choice!  How many companies do you actually know that will do that?

Another way to win:

Follow LoobaLee on Facebook. For every 50 new fans they are drawing for selling time on LoobaLee as well as a $25.00 J. Crew – Crewcuts gift card.

At 1,000 fans they are going to draw a Grand Prize Winner – for a $100 J. Crew – crewcuts Gift Card and an Evergreen LoobaLee Subscription.

So what are you waiting for!! Check them out!!

NOTE: This contest is through LoobaLee and they will inform the winners. Not my contest. Just sharing the word!

2 Responses to “LoobaLee Halloween Giveaway”

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    Suzanne says:

    Thank you for the super comments! We appreciate it very much. Looking forward to meeting some of your readers on LoobaLee! 🙂

    Co-founder, LoobaLee.com

    admin Reply:

    Your welcome Suzanne. I hope that people do see it truly is better then ebay.

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