Logic of English – Foundations Level C Review

LOE Foundations C Review

We recently had the chance of review Foundations Level C by Logic of English. This is our first time using this curriculum. My daughter really enjoys it and I feel that she is really comfortable using it as it seems like some of it has been review so far. I do plan on finishing the levels of the Foundations and then moving on to the next program.

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In Foundations Level C your student will master 27 multi-letter phonograms and 14 spelling rules. It builds on reading, spelling, and writing skills that were learned in Foundations A & B. Your child will practice skills in context of comprehension activities and read multi-syllable words within controlled paragraphs without rightwards and guessing. There was 8 non fictions readers that were at the back of the book that allows them to find the main idea, locating key words, and applying comprehension strategies. Since we have received the products there has been a change and the 8 nonfiction readers are no longer in the back of the book. You now have to purchase them separately. The books are now individually bound. You can reuse them again over and over.

Foundations Level C has 48 lessons. 40 of the lessons are instructional and 8 lessons are review. There are dozens of phonogram, spelling rule, high frequency words, and comprehension games.

How We Used This:

I used this with my daughter 4 days a week. We used this during our reading and language arts time slot. We did a lesson a day. My daughter really seemed it to enjoy this and wants to continue using this.


I really liked the nonfiction stories. They were easy for my daughter to read as well as easy enough to understand. I liked how in the teachers book there was questions about the title and author. I also liked that the book was used through a few lessons. Each lesson had different questions to ask the child. There were times we would read a page or a couple pages and we would dig more into the story. I like that they are grouped in themes with the lessons.

For example the first theme was trains. They encouraged the kids to play with trains and take a field trip with trains. We do have a train museum here but we have been there and our time didn’t allow it. However, we will visit it and I will take some of the things she learned from that unit and review. I think it’s pretty awesome be able to put a little hands on things inside the lessons to make them more fun. There were also activities that the child had to do within that theme.


The workbook itself was really colorful and I liked that there was cutting involved for some of the games. We put the games in ziplock bags and saved them. At times we even got them out to review before the actual review. The games are fun and engaging for the kids to play. I also really like that there is short copywork in these books as well and they coincide with the theme that the kids are working on.


The teachers book was really awesome. I liked that the lessons were already set up for me. There were extra teachers notes in how to teach things. It was spelled out to me how to teach different phonograms and rules. That really helped me a lot to be able to teach my daughter the right way of learning these sounds and rules. I also like that there were spelling words. I would say the word and use it in a sentence and she would write the word on the white board. I was really surprised that almost 90% of the words she was getting right. I didn’t think she knew some of these words.


I am really impressed with this curriculum and I think that I will be finishing the Foundations Levels before moving on to the next set of curriculum after this. I really like that there is fun put into the learning. It kept my daughter really engaged and wanting to keep learning. To me that is really important and tells me it’s a keeper for her.

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Logic of English Review

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