Living Waters: Intelligent Design in the Oceans of the Earth DVD Review

Living Waters

We had the opportunity to review Living Waters: Intelligent Design in the Oceans of the Earth DVD from This is an amazing DVD that explores rivers and oceans to reveal remarkable displays of purpose and design in the animal kingdom. This is a 68 minute DVD that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

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Living Waters: Intelligent Design in the Oceans of the Earth was an amazing DVD. My daughter, son, my best friend and I watched this together. I know we will be watching it again and again as my daughter was in love with the animals.

The DVD started out by talking about two different views scientific and one of purpose, design and imagination. If you really follow the DVD you realize that it is talking about purpose, design and imagination. Each animal is made with a purpose and design. It’s is actually amazing how this is all pointed out during the DVD.

It first talks about dolphins. One of the things I had no idea about was that the largest herd or pod of dolphins is by California. There are over 10,000 dolphins. I had no idea they could swim as fast as 30 mph. There bodies are designed perfectly for the water and moving through it. I have heard dolphins sounds before but never knew that whistles is how they talked to each and the clicking sound was to find it’s prey. Dolphins actually use sound to see. They have a very natural equipped sonar which they figure out to use by instinct, it is called echolocation. They use it to see, feed, and move through the water. I can’t even go into how it was defined in the DVD as the explanation was very in depth. I had no idea that dolphins had no vocal chords. They suck in air through a blow hole that closes and the sounds you hear are produced through the air.

The next was about sea turtles and I find them very fascinating. When turtles are hatchlings they don’t have their mothers around they are alone and there instinct is to go towards the water. I had no idea that little turtles swam for 48 hours to get away from predators. They migrate alone and they eventually navigate towards a feeding ground where it stays to eat most of its life. When it’s born it basically imprints the magnetic location of where it was born. It is stored in their brains and acts as an internal compass. I had no idea that sea turtles could weight between 80 pounds to a ton. It’s amazing how when it is ready to nest it heads back to where it was born. It uses it’s internal compass and sense of smell to go back. They believe they know where they are through the magnetic fields of the earth. I guess I never thought of an internal compass as I always thought it was sense of smell.

They also talked about Salmon. I find salmon to be incredibly interesting. They are amazing fish that have such strength, endurance and even determination. We have a fishery here so we have gotten to experience it in real life as they are running now. It’s incredible to them swim and they do take beatings on the rocks and falls that they do jump up. Yet these amazing fish keep going. They start out in a stream and come back to the same place they were born to spawn. They swim from the river into the oceans and they have to adapt not only once but twice. They find there way by the sense of smell. That acute sense of smell is imprinted when they are small.

My daughters favorite was the hump back whales. I had no idea that the males were the only ones that sing. They can sing from 3 minutes to 30 minutes. They have two blow holes that take in air into their lungs, which the lungs are the size of a small car. They are mammals yet they spend their whole lives in water. If you think about that it is pretty amazing. They have no teeth and are filter feeders, which they eat krill and other fish. The flippers are the largest of any animals. They are the largest animals on earth.

As you can see we have learned so much from this DVD. There was so much fascinating information. If you think about it the purpose and design leads to great imagination as well. Each of these creatures are amazing in their own way. If you watch the DVD you too will get to experience the purpose and design. You will find it fascinating.

My best friend was very intrigued by the DVD and she too learned things she didn’t know. She thought it was very well put together. My daughter enjoyed it because she has a love for animals but most of all it was just awesome listening to how much she learned and she had so many more questions. My son was engaged as well.

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