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If You Were Me...Review

Do you like to use books with your studies? I absolutely love to use them to add more inspiration when I teach the kids. We received 4 books for this review brought to you by Carole P. Roman and Awaywegomedia.com. The books I did receive were If You Were Me and Lived In… Elizabethan England, If You Were Me and Lived In… Viking Europe, If You Were Me and Lived In… Ancient China, If You Were Me and Lived In… The Middles Ages. These books are wonderful for the whole family to read to together.


If You Were Me And Lived In…Elizabethan England is set back in the time period of the 1600s when Queen Elizabeth I ruled England. It talked about England becoming a super power. How Queen Elizabeth sent out explorers to discover new lands and bring back new discoveries. It also talked about the Protestant religion and how back in those times you were suppose to follow the rulers choice of religion. Although there were some that did not. You learned about the popular names of boys and girls. How children grew up during those times. The boys would learn the trades while they were young. They also went to school. At least one boy did from the family as it was really expensive. The girls stayed home and learned manners and how to cook. It seemed like back in those days the streets were really dirty as garbage was thrown not he streets and the houses then didn’t have bathrooms. There were different types of housing explained. People of different classes at differently. In this time period they didn’t know what potatoes were, and thought tomatoes were poisonous. Theatre was also really big during this time. William Shakesphere was raising funds to make a Theatre that would be so unique from the rest of the world. He was very big during this time period as well and is still famous today. During the time of Theatre only men and boys did the acting and setting up stage props and such. It was a very interesting time period. At the end of the book there were famous people listed during this time and a glossary of words that are used in the book.


If You Were Me and Live In…Viking Europe is set back into the time of Viking Times in 870 A.D. People in these times lived in Norway. Vikings were known as explorers. Some of the traveled and plunged foreign towns taking both prisoners and belongings. They were also brave people too! If you traveled on the ships you were known as Vikings, if you stayed and farmed you were known as a Scandinavian, if you traveled and settled in foreign lands you were known as Norsemen. This book also talks about the common names for boys and girls. The Vikings loved to explore and find places to trade. They even created settlements. There were three family classes: wealthy people were Jarl, Karls were free peasants or farmers, and the thralls. The houses they lived in in had many people living in it. They also believed in family. The book also talks about what the houses looked like during that time period. It also talks about the roles of men and women. You dressed very similar to your parents. The women took care of the cooking and making clothes. The boys learned how to survive, learn skill of shooting bow, and preparing your catch for dinner, and watching adults. Boys had to learn how to defend themselves. By the time  your sisters were 12 your father was already looking for a suitable husband for you. When you were 15 your were married. The religion during this time period was believing in many gods. At the end of the book it talks about the different Norse Gods, Viking History, and there is a glossary with words from the book.


If You Were Me and Lived In…Ancient China is set back into the time period of 150 AD. It talks about life during the Han Dynasty Rule. It goes into how important the dynasty was to China’s history. Again like the other books you have the most common names. What is interesting is you didn’t call each other by name but called your brother Older Brother, First Sister, Second Sister, and etc. It also talks about the city, homes, food, clothes you wore, job professions, schooling (for boys only), religions, and festivals. The end of the book talks about the important people in Ancient China and their is a glossary in the back of the book.


If You Were Me and Live In…The Middle Ages is set back in the time period of 1072. It is set in Europe and the roman Empire controlled most of it. After the Roman Empire fell apart there were different communities governed by princes or warlords. Each community was protected by knights. Some people did own their own farms but most worked for the Lord that owned everything. It talked about your father being a Knight, what the castle looks like on the inside, meals, clothing, different job roles, the different classes of society, and things you did for fun. At the end of the book it mentions famous people from the Middle Ages. It also has a glossary at the end of the book.


How We Used The Books: 

My daughter and I read the first two books I talked about above. . She really enjoyed learning about England during the time of Queen Elizabeth. The Vikings she didn’t seem really sure about as she thought some of them sounded really mean during that time. I didn’t have the time to do what I wanted to do with he books. I wanted to turn them in a bigger unit study and stem off some of the topics, places, and people.

The books are pretty much consistent in the format they are written. The only difference is the time periods you are reading about.

I really love the fact that these books give you a big over view of what life was like during these times. The roles the adults and children played, the things they wore, and what the life styles looked. I like how it shows the culture as well. It really gives you a really good visual. Having different information at the end of the book was helpful as well as you learned even more. The glossary was great as you had a better understanding of what things were.

I plan to create some unit studies from these books. We will watch videos, look around the web, and study the country more, compare what it was like then to what it is now, learn more about the important people mentioned and more detail about who they were. There is so much I could add to this, even learning about the money back then and now.

I highly recommend reading these books. These books are great learning tools and can stem more learning from them. The kids are engaged and interested as the pictures fit nicely with what is being talked about.

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If You Were Me and Lived in ... {by Carole P. Roman and Awaywegomedia.com}

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