Let’s Go Geography Review – Hands on Geography!!

One of my favorite subject to teach is geography. I absolutely love teaching my children about other cultures, and being able to see other places, even if it is from pictures! I was so excited with I learned that there was a hands on geography curriculum for kids. My daughter and I have really been enjoying Let’s Go Geography. Let’s Go Geography is a three year curriculum to teach the world. This curriculum can be used with grades K – 4.

Let’s Go Geography is an amazing hands on curriculum. Each week is a new lesson. You can divide the lesson up into 5 days or you can do it one day a week. You go at your pace. It is an online subscription so you have a year to access the material. Each lesson has some facts that you are learning about your destination for that week. You do some map work, color a flag, color page, crafts, listen to the anthem for that country, there are videos to watch, and a picture scrapbook of that country, and there is a writing activity. There are also book suggestions for the destination you are learning about.

Week 9, 18, 27, are break weeks. That gives you time to catch up if you need to or if you want to do further exploring you can. Week 36 is the final break where you can use that week to finish anything you may need to finish and that completes the course. Then you are ready to move on to the next year.

Week 12,24,34 are review weeks. You are reviewing about the countries you have just learned about. I will pick week 12 and talk about the things you will see. You find some more map work. You will learn longitude and latitude. You will have some worksheets to do with that. Then you will have a flag review. You will need to math the flags to the countries that were studied. You learn some more facts. Next you match pictures to the country. You will have pictures through out each lesson. You have some more reading, coloring pages, and a writing activity. The review looks like it is a lot of fun actually and if you paid attention you will be able to complete the review no problem.

Week 35 is a year review. I didn’t look ahead to that. If it is anything like the other reviews then I am sure it will be just as fun!

How I Used This:

I used Let’s Go Geography with my daughter. We started with Year 1. We have done one lesson a week. We have just finished up North America and are starting to work on South America. The lesson takes us about an hour to an hour in a half to complete. We do it in one sitting. I refer to each lesson as a destination each week. To me that destination is where are we going to land and work on for that week. So if you see that it’s just my name for the lesson each week.

My daughter has really enjoyed learning about the different places so far. I think her favorite has been Hawaii. She tells people that Aloha means three things: Hello, Good Bye, I Love You. She knew that Hawaii was made from Volcanoes. We had no idea just how many islands there was. We only knew about the main islands. So for us it was something new.

I can’t say enough about this curriculum. I love the fact that it is hands on. I really love the fact that each lesson has map work. The videos are a very nice touch as you are learning facts about the destination and you are getting a chance to see it. Canada was one of my favorites to watch the videos with. So much history and open space. It was very interesting to learn about the people there as well. I had no idea just how significant the Maple Leaf is to Canada until we studied it. I love that every lesson has had some sort of craft too it. For the writing I have my daughter write down facts that she has learned that has peaked her interest in that particular destination. The craft projects are fun and most of the materials are things you already have in your house. We had to modify the first lesson as I didn’t have the plastic cups in the house. So we went our own way with painting. You really can tailor this curriculum to your kids and be creative. You can add in and further study things that interest you.

I think what I am going to do for the break week is find a different recipe for each day to try! I think it will be a nice break from the actual book work and my daughter absolutely loves to cook/bake. There are some things I have been wanting to try, so this works out perfect for us.

I really like this curriculum and wish I would have learned about it earlier. I plan on completing all three years with my daughter. I think we will have a blast learning together! I would highly recommend this curriculum to my homeschool friends. This is one amazing hands on curriculum for kids to have fun learning geography with.

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Let’s Go Geography {Reviews}

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