Lego Challenge 7 – March Challenge

This month was our first time participating in the Lego Challenge. We are linking up with Angels of Heart who is the thought behind the Lego Challenges each month. If you would like more information on the Lego Challenge visit Angels of Heart to get more information.

I must admit it was a lot of fun for me and the kids to brain storm ideas of what we wanted to do.

The challenge for my older son was to build a bridge. It was to look decorative and be able to hold some weight. He was to test it to see how much weight it could hold. The objective was to build it sturdy.

What he did was build his bridge. I feel that he could have made is more sturdy if he had made more supports. It was a little wobbly and uneven on under the bridge itself. We cut some blue paper out to be a river flowing under the bridge. We used a pizza box to cut out our ramps to go up and down the bridge.




My daughters challenge was to build a table for your play people or build something for the animals to eat from. She originally started to build water. I tried to get her to make a layer around the water to be a water bin for an animal. She decided to go her own way and do what she wanted and make a pond for her swan.


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