Last Three Days

Yesterday I was hoping would be day 3 of good behaviors. Well that ended as of yesterday. It was a very horrible and stressful day. My friends and I took the kids to the park and Dakota’s behaviors were not good. I think I even made a jerk of myself too. It started out that one of the kids came up to me and said Dakota was name calling. I went over there and started yelling at him for the name calling. One of the gals from the Rec Department came over and told Dakota he couldn’t swear. I didn’t hear him swear and then I flew off the handle and her and I got into a arguement. I was told to leave the park and I wasn’t going to leave. I won’t go into the details of the whole arguement ordeal as well I said alot of nasty things and I flew of the handle. Let’s just say the big guy for the park center came over to talk to us. Someone one who heard the arguement told one of the small town police officers who later showed up. They didn’t call on me he just came to see if the situation was under control. I later apologized to the gal for my actions as I was in the wrong to fly off the handle. I wasn’t very nice and didn’t handle myself the way I should have. She apologized too. We talked more which I was glad the air was cleared. I guess you can say I am hot headed. My dad would say that too. LOL Dad be quiet if you read this…  But after the arguement another boy came up to me and said Dakota flipped him the bird. I went over to the merry go round and said Dakota we can’t do them kind of things nor can we name call or swear. If you continue we will go home. He then started saying well he kicked me and blah blah blah. He walked over the monkey bars and was telling the kids to leave him alone. I said to him if you want to be left alone you need to go somewhere else. He wasn’t listening to me. I looked at the boys and I am sorry that my son is calling you names. I don’t think he means it because he can’t tell you he is mad at you. I apologized they looked at me and said it was ok. By this point I am frustrated and in tears at his behavior. We then went over ot the tire swing and my oldest son came over and was going to push him on the tire swing for a bit before he went off with his friends. Well that didn’t even happen as Dakota went on top of the slide by another boy. I don’t know if the boy said something to him to make him mad or what but he slapped the boy in the leg. So I immediately got him off the slide and put him on a time out. My friends said lets go to the other park as there are to many kids. Thinking about it today they were right. They identified what was wrong before I did. I think the problem is that with Daktoa’s socialization problems and the fact there were alot of kids he was over stimulated and stressed out. So that explains some of his behavior. Now I am not excuses any of this behavior or blaming it on the Autism. I know he is no saint and yes he can be mean to be mean. Sometimes I don’t think he does it to be mean because he can’t express his feelings the way he should. When we got to the to the other park it was fine. He was a happy little claim and was well behaved. They even caught some frogs. My oldest was playing football and rolled into the creek. LOL It was a really good time.

Today I am going down to talk to the gals at the Rec Department to see if we can work together to come up with a plan and we all can be consistent. They were very willing to work with me yesterday on coming up with something. Since Dakota is at summer school and it’s early in the morning. This is probably the best time to talk to them. Today is a new day. 🙂

Actually I forgot to tell the coolest part of the park incident. After I said that to the boys. Dakota went back to the boys that were on the monkey bars. I was like oh no a gluten for punishment. But the little boy come up to me and said the three of us apologized and we are friends. I told the little boy that was awesome! I thought it was cool that after I said something to them about Dakota it all worked out for them. I was really proud of all three of the boys!

6 Responses to “Last Three Days”

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    Thom says:

    one observation I made in all of this is everytime that someone came up and told you what Dakota had done, when you went to him you didn’t ask for his side of the story. It was just like he had been tried and convicted so to speak. I think talking to him first might help quell his anxiety. I was proud of you for going off on her but then realizing that a mistake was made and going back and apologizing and getting things worked out. Now that’s a real person. I know this has got to be rough on you and the family, but I would try a slightly different approach. See how that works. Aloha my friend 🙂
    .-= Thom´s last blog ..Friday’s Fave Five – #41 =-.

    admin Reply:

    Funny you say that because I said the same thing to the lady at the Park Department today. Her and I just said we need to find out his side of the story too. We got a plan in place!

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    Rhonda says:

    thanks for stopping by my blog today!
    .-= Rhonda´s last blog ..Flashback Friday =-.

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    Wow, what a day you had. I’m glad you are working it out with the Rec Dept. and going to another park was a good idea. Hope you have a great weekend.
    .-= Karen ~Georgia Angel´s last blog ..Monochrome Friday =-.

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    Thom says:

    I had to come back and post this. I do hope you go and check this out 🙂 Aloha

    Stacie: I hope you get this. Please check out this article by Andrea:

    Wendy Portillo, Again?

    This teacher had her class vote to remove an autistic child out of his kinidergarten class and now the are going to rehire this bitch back. There’s a petition to sign in her post. I have signed it.

    Aloha my friend 🙂
    .-= Thom´s last blog ..What Kind of Blogger Are You? and Pinocchio, Snow White, and Superman, New Perrier Commercial =-.

    admin Reply:

    On my way to check it out now!

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