Knights & Nobles – Once A Week Unit Study Review (Homeschool Legacy)

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One of the things my kids really enjoy is working on unit studies on topics they are curious about. A new to me company that has once a week unit studies is Homeschool Legacy. The one we picked out was Knights & Nobles. This particular unit study is 4 weeks long. The ages for this unit study are for grades 2 – 12.

This particular unit study takes you back into the medieval times and studies castles, kings & queens, medieval feasts, knights, and life on a manor. These unit studies are biblically centered.  What is really nice is that there is really no prep for you it is all planned out for you.

Each week there is a list of books that you can check out from the library that go with the particular topic. There is a big batch of books before you start your studies as well. We started there and we spent the first week reading the books as introduction into what we were learning. Then I would order the next set of books that were listed. Not all of them were in my library but most of them were. There was also video choices and we got what we could from the library and we found some on netflix too. We also checked out some extra DVDs to watch as well.

Each week there was a family devotional. The focus was on the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Queen Esther, King Solomon and the armor of God. It gives you parts of the bible to focus on and discuss.

There is also a timeline that kids create as they are working through the unit study. It was recommended to use a notebook. Instead we used one of our timeline apps to create ours. It was easier for the kids to enter and it was more readable. We could also add pictures from that time period as well. We did this because my kids are more visual learners. The pictures help them remember.

We had a lot of fun with this as the kids got to discover different games. My son learned how to play chess. It’s still work in progress but he had fun learning it. My daughter got the biggest kick out of juggling.

There was fun and educational field trips. Some we could go on and others we had to try to visit on line as a virtual field trip. My kids favorite was visiting an archery shop. My kids are no strangers to bow and arrows. They are growing up in a family that loves archery.


Even though these are designed to be a weeks worth, we took a little more then a week to work through this. We spent time each day reading our family read a loud and then we started with reading the books first. That way the kids really got a glimpse into what they were learning.

Some of the writing parts of this unit study took us a little longer to get through. The first one especially because we had to do some research and then put it into writing. The topic was why do we call it the middle ages and why is it referred to as the dark ages. It took us a little while to research as he had to write. Writing is not exactly his best area. It had nothing to do with the curriculum it’s just how my son works. There was also another one where they had to write sentences with no spaces or punctuation. That was a little hard but that was fun too.

The kids really got into the hands on things such as building a castle out of legos,  archery, chess, juggling, and marbles! My daughter is big time into marbles.

We are finishing up Week 3 and still have to finish our family coat of arms and we have to make our ping pong catapult yet.


This was a real time saver for me as everything was all planned out on how you should do things. There is a suggested schedule in there and we went a little slower due to my sons needs. To me the way this is set up gives the kids a more visual hands on experience. There wasn’t really anything that was overwhelming for them to do. Like I said some things took us a little longer because we took our time. I can’t wait to finish this as I looked ahead and noticed some really yummy recipes to try. The kids will have a blast helping with that and making them. I really liked the family devotionals in there too as well. Last things I really liked that I haven’t done enough of was making timelines.

One more thing I would like to share is that with these unit studies boy scouts can earn their Art Merit Badge with this study.  My son isn’t in boy scouts but if yours is this would be a fun way to help them earn it.

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If your looking for unit studies that are fun and hands on then I highly suggest checking out the units from Homeschool Legacy. There are many different topics to choose from.

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Homeschool Legacy Review

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