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One of the things that my son struggles with is reading. I have been looking for a program that will help him enhance his skills in reading. We have been enjoying K5 Learning and their online program. For this review we received a 6 month membership. I plan to keep using it after the 6 months is up. If we don’t finish it first 🙂

If you never heard of K5 Learning they have support for grades K – 5 in math, reading, and spelling. To see where your child is at or struggling you can take the assessments. The assessments place your child at the level they are at and the lessons continue from there. The only one that didn’t have an assessment was spelling. The cool thing about the spelling is you can use your own list of words.

It set up so the students can do the lessons independently. The student has their own log in. So really the student can progress at their own pace. The nice thing is that this program instructs, and quizzes your child so you don’t have to. The reports are provided to you through the teacher log in. I also want to mention that the lessons are interactive. There are even printable worksheets to use to go along with the lessons.

The teacher log in is nice because you see exactly where the weaknesses are on the assessments. As they work through the lessons you also see the scores. I noticed checking today that my son still has problems with comprehension. He does well with the vocabulary portion of it. You can see an overall grade.

This program as no ads or external links. You have nothing to download. Everything is done online. So you can take this anywhere you can use internet and a web browser.

How We Used This: 

I used this mainly with my son for reading. We spent about 20 minutes or more a day doing the reading lessons. We used this roughly 4 days per week. I did test my daughter in math as I didn’t want to put pressure on my son or make changes to his math curriculum. I was curious to see where she had fallen. The spelling we dabbled with. I discovered that you can add your own words. This will come in handy with my son and his spelling.

My son has a cognitive delay and is currently at a 4th grade reading level. I am very determined to get him to a 5th grade reading level. I do wish that K5 learning did go past 5th grade so we could keep on trucking! Have I seen improvements….yes and no. He struggles with reading comprehension. He does really great in vocabulary. I am totally shocked by that. So I have seen improvements in learning vocabulary. It’s just a process that takes time. It’s not the program its my son. He may or may not like it some days but he does it. In reality it doesn’t matter if he likes it or not. It’s a program I believe to work.

One thing I really like is that this is very interactive as it is teaching. For example one of the lessons was teaching about predictions…what did they think would happen next in the story. Each lesson has a different topic of focus. You have to read a story and then there are questions. Then it will switch to vocabulary at times. So I like that this keeps him on his toes, learning different aspects about reading. I also like the fact that their are printable worksheets that go along with the lesson to reinforce what you have already learned. We do use those to spruce things up a bit.

I really like the fact that this is so personalized to the skill level of the child. I was amazed at when I tested him that he aced all the phonics. He is phonetic reading so he does struggle with reading some words and spelling. Our focus has been reading.

I want to mention that this is not a curriculum but a supplemental program. For right now I am using it as our reading curriculum for the summer. We spend more time on it doing lessons. This is great for both homeschoolers and those that need to continue to practice over summer. You also get a 14 day trial to see how you like it.

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