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Can Do Cubes

Do you have a child who is learning how to read? Are you currently working on phonics? Can Do Cubes from jollyliteracy.com (just2ducks LLC) is a fun resource to use for teaching phonics. My daughter has really been enjoying using the cubes to practice phonics and her spelling words.


Can Do Cubes is an amazing resource. We have used it along side Jolly Phonics, but this product can be used as a stand alone. It comes with cubes that have letters and other sounds on them. There is a stage one set and stage two set. It also comes with an Interactive DVD featuring Debbie Hepplewhite sounding out 44 sounds that make up the English language, and she also discusses the why and how of synthetic phonics. There is a Teacher’s Guide and Templete Book. Three different posters. There are also two spiral instruction books as well that goes with each stage.

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In Stage One your child is learning how to do an alphabetic code. Your training your child to hear the individual sounds. As you are training them to hear those sounds they then begin to make correspondence between  words and letter shapes. There are so many options and things that you can do. You can take the cubes and show the letter you are working on, spell out words so that they could be sounded out, roll the dice for reading by trying to make words out of what was rolled, you could even roll the dice for spelling as well. There is a lot of potential with these cubes.

In Stage Two your child will be enjoying synthetic phonics using a multi sensory approach. In this stage your working on double consonants, split digraphs, capital letters for shape and sound recognition, and basic punctuation. In this stage there are different charts with words that go with the different cubes.

How We Used This:

We used this along with our Jolly Phonics. My daughter knows her phonics but this has been really good review for her to keep practicing. We started out with letters and for her it wasn’t because she didn’t know the sounds it was because I wanted her to practice her letters and handwriting as she still has a habit of making her handwriting to big. Depending on font she has to have her letter exactly like the font she is looking at. We used the letters that were in the lesson. Say we were working on the letter a. She found the a and made the a sound. Then we made words that had the letter a in them.


We also used the cubes with Jolly Grammar. As she was learning or reviewing the spelling words she would use the cubes to spell out the words. She actually really liked this as she didn’t have to write them out to practice. It also gave her a chance to sound out the word phonetically.

We played games with the cubes by taking different cubes and rolling them to see how many words we could make out of the letters. We played an I Spy version of the game using letters and sounds.

I think the Can Do Cubes are really flexible! The reason I say flexible is that it comes with a teacher’s guide, and booklets for each stage so your not just getting a set a cubes to work with and not know how to use them. You can think outside the box and start using them for other things such as working on spelling, or even reviewing. Your not just limited in my opinion! You can use them with the Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar or use them as a stand alone. Either way they are a wonderful resource. It’s one my daughter absolutely loves and doesn’t mind using.

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Can Do Cubes

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