Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar Review

Jolly Review

If your looking for a good reading program to teach your younger child how to read I highly suggest checking out Jolly Phonics as it teaches phonics in a systamatic way. Jolly Grammar comes after the first year of phonics. Both of these products are made by (just2ducks LLC). I received both of these products for my review. This is for an elementary school level.

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Jolly Phonics uses a multi sensory approach in their teaching. There are actions for 42 letter sounds, which to me is a great way to remember their letters and sounds. It teaches children to learn their letters in sound order. It also teaches children 5 keys skills for reading and writing to be successful:

  1. Learning the letter sounds.
  2. Learning the letter formation.
  3. Blending.
  4. Identifying the sounds in words.
  5. Tricky words.

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Jolly Grammar is used after the first year of phonics. This program is also multi sensory. This program teaches a wide range of language forms such as: parts of speech, plurals, punctuation, tense past, present, and future, and spelling rules. Each part of speech is also a different color. I found this very helpful for my daughter to remember the different parts of speech.

How We Used This: 

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My daughter has mastered her phonics and I was really excited about the Jolly Grammar portion of it. The phonics though was a great review for her as well as getting in her hand writing practice. Now my son is a struggling reader so this will also benefit him in many ways as well. I will be picking up a set of phonics books for him in the near future. We did a lesson a day in the phonics books. The Jolly Grammar book is set up to use for the week. I will get into that a little more in my review.


We started at the first book of phonics. I really liked it and my daughter didn’t mind working on it at all. In fact she really enjoyed it. We listened to the a song for each letter. We had to listen to it before we even started. She would listen to all the letters she worked on and she would even sing them. We did one page a day. I like how it’s set up. There is a black and white picture. They can color it if they choose. Some days my daughter did and some days she didn’t. There is also an action that the children learn for each letter. It teaches them to remember the letter and sound. You start out with writing the letter you are working on for that day. You trace and then you write the letter and it reviews previous letters on the next line. You also have a set of pictures to cross out the sound that does not match. There is a word box of words that your child will sound out. They are not hard words. I really like that aspect especially for a beginning learner. It’s not just about learning the letters your learning words as you go as well. The second and third books build off what you learned in the first. I looked into the next two books and I love the fact that their is writing in them. My daughter struggles with making her letters to big for a line and sometimes adds more capitals then she should. The books are colorful and engaging for the kids.

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I love how the teachers book is set up for the phonics as well. This is why I think it is a great reading program as well. There are letter stories that you read to the child when you introduce the letter. Your child gets to hear how it sounds when using words. Then you introduce the action. For example for the letter T you may swing like your playing tennis and you say the word t as you swing. It talks about the formation and you see that in the children book as well. The child will trace the letter first. It also goes into blending that helps explain the sounds. The sounding portion goes over the pictures in the book where you figure out which picture doesn’t belong. There is dictation practice and they give you further ideas of activities you can do with the child. I think the activities would make it really fun. We didn’t do all the activities. For example for the letter T, you could play tennis, have a teddy bear, and make model turtles.  So there is a lot of fun in incorporating things into your day. I really like this set as I think it would be both fun and engaging for beginners. Again we aren’t beginners and we did use this for review.


I really like Jolly Grammar 1. It is spelling and grammar all in one place. For me that is convenient because I don’t have to have separate books. We did a lesson per week. Sometimes it only took us a couple days to master. It give you a list of spelling words for the week. You work on a letter sound and then on the next page you have your grammar topic. The really nice thing about the Teachers book is the fact that it gives you teaching ideas. I would supplement worksheets in on the topic that we were working on so we could stretch this until it was understood. When I knew she mastered the spelling words we would do the spelling test. It was within a couple days or a week. We did use these wonderful cubes which is another review for We also used our white board to practice words. I love the fact that parts of speech are color coded as it did help my daughter remember. I really like the pace that this moves along too. For us it doesn’t take us a week to master. Some is review and some is not. Really you could move through it at your own pace. I didn’t move ahead until I knew the concept was mastered along with the spelling words. So I really like the set up. The letter sounds that you are reviewing go along with the spelling words.

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Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar Review

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