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IXL.com is a website where your child can practice langauge and math for grades  PreK- 12. The Online Math Membership covers grades PreK – 12. The Online Language Arts Membership covers grades 2 – 4. IXL.com is aligned with the common core standards in each state. This is different then your average learning site, it’s fun and simple but straight to the point in the learning.


I used the Online Math Membership with my daughter. My daughter is in Kindergarten and I have added in IXL into our math class as a review. She first does her normal book work and then we go back. My daughter has mastered counting but I feel that it’s ok to review it. It gives me a chance to make sure that she really does know it and does understand it. Now when you load the page you pick your option of what you want to work on. So for example, we are working on Numbers and Counting to 5. We select on of the headings under that title, Count to 5. She is give a set of words either you as the parent can read it to your child or they can press a box that will give the instructions for the problem. The problem find the set that contains the number five. So below that there would be three groups. She would have to count the pictures to find the number 5. She would then select it and press submit. If you got it right it gave you praise. If you got it wrong it would explain what answer she picked and show the correct answer. Now as you get the answers right your points go up. When you get the answers wrong the points go down and of course you have more practice problems until you master it. When you get to about 90 you go through special problems like a test, again your answers can go up and down. My daughter got excited about collecting the rewards and stickers. Now some of the things in the Kindergarten program we have not done yet most of it is review for my daughter. I feel that she really enjoyed it.



I used the Online Language Arts Membership with my son. My son did his book work first and then we used the website to reinforce what he is learning. Again he has to read the instruction and then find the appropriate answer. If you get the answer right your points add up fast, but when you get them wrong they drop and you have more practice problems. We started with Sentence Types in second grade as that is what we have been working on. There was one section that he got stuck on and then frustrated because he got them wrong. Personally, I think it was because he was trying to rush. When he got it wrong they showed the wrong answer and explained the correct answer. I really liked that about this online program. I don’t think he cared to much for the awards as he just wanted to be done. It’s not that he didn’t like it. My son doesn’t like school work period. It was nice to visually see how he was doing.

What I liked most about IXL.com is the fact that I got reports in my email. It would tell me when my daughter mastered something. There are also a lot of certificates as they master certain things, do so many problems, spend so much time online. I printed the certificates for my daughter and she got a kick out of them. She would get really excited about them and feel proud of herself. With the reports you an find where your child is struggling and you can view the improvement over time. I also like that it gives you the length of practice. As the kids mastered the skills they collected different ribbons, medals and other virtual prizes to keep them motivated. My son didn’t care but that’s just my son. My daughter loved them and was excited over them.

What I also like about this is each kid as there own id. My daughter has hers, my son has his, and I have mine. In the parents section you can also see the reports as well. You can see things such has how many problems were attempted, skills practiced, time spent, and how many medals earned. It gives you different graphs where you can see where more time was spent on what day and how much time was spent on one concept. There is a proficiency assessment that tells you if your child has mastered the concepts. You can also look at trouble spots as well. When I looked up the kids trouble spots I didn’t see any. So as you can see the reports are very detailed.

I was very impressed with this online program and I plan to continue using it with the kids. I like the fact that it reinforces what they are learning. You can also switch to different grades at any time. The use of the website is very easy to maneuver around as well. So the plus side is your not just trapped to just one grade which is nice. I plan to look through the other grades in Language arts as we move along in case there is something covered in a later grade. My son needs the review to reinforce his skills.

I used this as in add in to math and language arts. Depending on how much time we had left I would add one lesson or a few lessons. With my son I could not push it as we just did a lesson a day. Language is one thing I can’t push him in for long periods of time or he doesn’t retain the information. My daughter however she could spend a lot of time on the lessons. I think it has to do with the rewards.

The lessons can take as long or as little as how your child progresses through it. You move through it at your own pace. That’s a bonus. There is also an iPad app that you can use with math for K-6. It allows you to do the same thing on the computer and the iPad so you won’t lose your place. I do wish they had the language on the iPad app as it would have came in handy when we went to my parents. However, I could log into the website from the iPad so I still had access. I would have liked the app for the convenience. The reason being is sometimes one is on the laptop and the other is on the iPad.

You can purchase a monthly subscription for $9.95 or a yearly subscription for $79.00.


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