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If you never heard of IXL before I highly suggest checking it out. IXL has two programs: IXL Math is for grades PreK – 12 and IXL Language Arts Grade 2 – 8. We have used both the math and the language. It is not a full curriculum but it is great for supplements and for reviewing.


IXL is where practice feels like play. The awards and certificates that the kids are are very enticing and motivating. The kids don’t know exactly when they are going to be awarded. My daughter is always excited about working through the problems as she can’t wait to open the next award. The awards are sent to you through email. My daughter loves both but I think her favorite is opening it up on the screen.


IXL approaches each topic from all angles, offering visual representations, listening exercises, interactive activities and more. The nice thing is kids can move through a topic pretty quick if they know it. If they have trouble that is ok, because then more problems are given until they master it. That is one thing I really like because they keep going and practicing until it is mastered. I like that my daughter can go on a certain topic in math and listen to the problem. She can listen to each answer. She doesn’t read very well yet, so that is a big plus for her. I can sit here and watch her with out having to read each one to her. When the kids get a problem wrong it is explained as to why it is wrong and what the correct answer is.

I like that the kids can move at their own pace. You pick what you topic you want to work on and what you don’t want to work on.

There is a main log in. Then you have different accounts set up for each student. There is a parents side. I don’t use it much because I am right here when my daughter is working on it, so I know where she is struggling and where she is not. The reports are details though. You can see how much time is spent and what areas are mastered. There is a report card where you can see performance by category. It tells you where things need to be improved. It also gives you usage where you can see the problems displayed, and skills practiced. I love how detailed the parents section is.

Another thing I really like is each category is broken down into topics. So your working on a specific topic. There are so many to choose from.

You can use IXL Math is available on iOS, Android and Kindle. The IXL Language is available on iOS.

practicing math

I used the the math with my daughter 4 – 5 days per week. We would spend 15 minutes or more on it each day. I would just pick a review topic that she knew that she could review. There were times I picked new topics and introduced things to her as well. I would switch back and forth between Kindergarten and First Grade. I did use a couple of the 2nd Grade Language Arts topics with my daughter. Of course I modified it as we worked through. By modifying I made the questions a little easier for her to understand. I also reminded her what nouns were as we worked through them. She did very well. We also worked on Capitalization of nouns as well. I didn’t go to far in the Language as it wasn’t at her age and she wasn’t ready for it. I have used it for review with my son as well. Just not as frequent as I did with my daughter.

It’s nice to watch her progress and master the skills. It’s also nice to hear the excitement in her voice when she wins the award as well. She really enjoys using it. I will use it for as long as she is enjoying it. She reminds me every day that we need to log in. So I do know that she really enjoys it.

You can purchase a monthly membership: For one child a subscription to math is $9.95 and for one child to subscribe to Language is $9.95. You can subscribe to both for one child and the cost is: $15.95 per month. The price does change if you add more students.

You can also pay for a yearly membership: For ONE child a suscription to math is $79.00, for ONE child a subscription to Language is $79.00. For ONE child a subscription to both is $129.00. If you add more children then the price will change.

You can see what a monthly and yearly membership would cost for how many children you would like to add by clicking on the hyperlinks. The prices I listed were to give you an idea of starting prices at one child.

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