iPhone App Favorites Monday #1

Each week I want to take the time and share with you my kids favorite iPhone apps. We are such iPhone junkies. I love finding new things that will help them learn as well as have fun. My youngest son will not be included this week as he really hasn’t been playing with the iPhone much because my daughter has been hogging it. However we are going to use it this week for math and spelling. (Can’t wait to get iPad)!

Brad is 16 and he loves games. We actually did purchase this app. it was 99 cents. His favorite game is Cartoon Wars.

– In the Cartoon World, there were two tribes: “black and white cartoon” tribe and “color
tribe. For thousands of years, “black and white cartoon” were the slaves of “color” tribe. Heroes of “black and white cartoon” tribe united to overcome the violent oppression and to free the tribe. So the war begins…
– You must become a hero of the “black and white cartoon” tribe to free your cartoons.

Brittany is 3 will be 4 in April and her likes changes all the time. It’s hard to find something that keeps her attention. But we do manage to find thing 🙂

Bugsy Pre-K is one of her favorite apps. She loves the little blue hamster named Bugsy. Bugsy helps her learn common things such as counting, shapes, colors and more. See my review HERE.

Counting Bees is another favorite of my daughters. She loves what she calls the dancing bees. If they say count to five you drag 5 bees to the flower and then a honey bear appears and they count more and then give a new new goal. It’s very cute and the music is very upbeat. See my review HERE. You can find Counting Bees in the iphone store for 99 cents.

Draw With Stars is another favorite. She absolutely loves drawing with these animated, musical, glowing, and shooting stars. As you seen in the pictures you draw with stars. It’s really neat as when your done  you shake the iPhone and they start shooting. My daughter loves to draw. As of right now it’s FREE on itunes.


What are your childs favorite apps?



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