Interactive Notebooks Have Been A BIG Thing For Us This Week

Interactive Notebooks

This week we finally had a great week with homeschool. It has been hectic the last few weeks because the kids have been sick. I think we are finally back on track. The scary thing is the kids are starting early and we are finishing early, which means more swimming time 🙂

One of the biggest things I started using this week was interactive notebooks. I only found them last weekend and then decided I fell in love with them. I created three of them this week and I am creating two more next week. I will explain how I used them as I go on. They are sort of similar to lapbooks but I like the idea of them being in a notebook as everything you need is right at your fingers tips. Kids can go back and look and see what they have done and they are even great for the kids to go back to review things. They make great homemade study guides.


My son finished his first week working on North Star Geography. I found it to be very interesting as the first unit focuses on geography. We read lesson one last week. We did the rest of the week this week. We worked on labeling continents and oceans. We also mapped the great circles. The first map I printed from the resources. The other two maps I printed from WonderMaps. I absolutely love WonderMaps by Bright Ideas Press. They are so colorful! I have to explore the program a little more to see how to maximize our use out of it. What I did when we were finished was I cut them to size and I glued them in our notebook.

The Great Circles

My son found the different types of thematic maps. He didn’t realize there were different kinds. We might explore historical maps a little more so we can see how some areas have changed. I am not sure where I am going to fit that in during the upcoming week, but I am going to try. We learned that Gerardus Mercator was the first person to create an atlas and not long after that a pocket edition. We also learned a little about Morocco, Atlas Mountains, and Belgium.


I plan on creating a little extender unit on Morocco, Atlas Mountains, and Belgium in the near future. I also would like to do a unit on the great circles as my son asked what they were. Geography is something we haven’t really focused on before now. I want to make sure that his questions and curiosity are answered. I can’t share the interactive notebook printables I have been creating for my son to use for North Star Geography because I don’t want to break copyright. I think from what I have described it will give you ideas of what you can do if you choose too.

North Star Geography

The next thing we did was a World Research Question page. My son found the answers to be very interesting. He actually had fun looking up the different answers. It even spark extra questions for him to research as well. What I did was write the questions down on some foldables and had him find and write the answers. I also created some extra questions that he had to go back in the book and find. Each question had it’s own flap. I believe one we made into a little book. Each flap then was glued into the notebook. We also did a World Fact File and glued it into our notebook.

So far we are really enjoying North Star Geography. I think one of the things that I really like about it, is the fact that it sparks more questions from my son. It is also sparking future units that I think will benefit as it is all stuff that is interesting to him. That I am really thankful for. This is the first time using curriculum that is has sparked so much interest.





My daughter has been working on the Magic School Bus In The Time Of Dinosaurs for science. I have created questions to find as we read the book. She will have to write down her answer. These again are little foldables I have printed. We have drawn pictures on the front of each foldable. I like that she can add a personal touch to each question. It seems to make it more fun for her. This has been great for us because we review everything before we start reading.

Tomorrow I plan on creating a Sight Word Interactive Notebook for my daughter so that she can focus on a word a week and has this notebook for review of her sight words she is learning. I will be posting this on my blog as a freebie for you all to use as well.

For the foldables I used the free ones from homeschool share in the their lapbook resources sections.

I think I have found my new addiction. I never realized just how beneficial these could be for the kids. I like that everything is organized into one place too. Hope you enjoyed this post!

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