Identity Theft – It’s a real concern!

I have been sitting and thinking about Identity Theft. Something recently just happened to my Dad. During the summer someone tried to use my husbands debit card to make a purchase. Luckily our bank caught it and nothing ever became of losing money from the account. I also had it happen to myself. It really makes you feel violated. It makes me wonder how much information do they have of mine. It’s a royal pain too because you have to file a police report and then report to all three credit bureaus and put fraud alert on. Fraud alert is great but also a pain if you need to get a loan.

I was looking around the internet under the key word identity theft protection to see what would come up. I wanted to find something so that if this happens again I could be better protected. I came across IdentityHawk, which was created to help consumers safeguard their assets, properties, and their good names. IdentityHawk has a suite of  protective benefits, where members can view  the health of their identity protection, identify areas where they’re most at risk, and take more active steps to reduce those risk.

The benefits also really stood out to me such a social security number protection, $1 million identity theft insurance, comprehensive alerts, 24/7 identity security scanning, credit score monitoring, and being able to talk to identity recovery experts.

I know that I will be talking with my husband later today about IdentityHawk. I know I don’t want to have to go through Identity Theft again, nor do I want to feel so violated. It’s the worst feeling in the world. I would feel much safer with identity theft protection on my side.

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