Horizons Kindergarten Phonics and Reading Review

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I am really impressed with the different curriculum that Alpha Omega Publications Homeschool Division has out. We were greatly blessed to receive Horizons Kindergarten Phonics and Reading Set to use for this review.

Horizons is a Christian homeschool curriculum that uses a spiral learning method to help your student master concepts through the process of introduction, review and reinforcement. This process helps the student grasp the concepts in a colorful and motivating format. The curriculum is for grades from PreK-12. It has a very precise curriculum structure and focuses on 6 core subjects.

What Is In The Set:

  • 4 Full-color student workbooks
  • 4 Complete teacher’s guides with daily lesson plans and answer keys
  • 4 Readers
  • Alphabet Floor Puzzle
  • Wipe-off Tablet

In the Kindergarten set the child learns to develop good reading skills as they are learning to identify letters and sounds through pictures association and stories. The student workbooks cover a total of a 160 lessons that you can remove from the workbook. The things that are worked on through the lessons are present consonant sounds and blending, vowel sounds, consonant beginnings and endings, syllables, digraphs, and non-phonetic sounds. There are also stories that go along with each lesson that contain words demonstrating the primary concept of each lesson.

The teacher’s guide contains daily lesson planner, teaching tips, duplication masters, answer keys, and additional worksheets. The daily lessons are fantastic as it lays it out already for you so there is really no planning at all. It outlines the specific goals, activities, and supplies needed for that lesson.

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How We Used This:

Before I have my daughter sit down and work on her lesson, I would bring out the teacher’s guide and read the goals that we were to meet for the lesson. I would get out our white board in case there was anything that we needed to work on or review before our lesson. Then I would have my daughter come to the table and we would do a lesson a day. After we finished the lesson we would read the story that corresponded to the lesson. There were days we back tracked and read a few stories that we have already read.


My Thoughts:

I had my eye on this curriculum for a while. I wasn’t sure if it would work with my daughter or if she would be bored. So I went my own way during Kindergarten and now I wish I would have bought it at the time I looked at it. My daughter is so willing to learn during her lessons. She is already saying the letter and the pictures before we even get started. She is fully engaged in her lessons. She is making great progress on her letter sounds. I like the phonetic approach. Although she remembers sight words better then letter sounds. She really enjoys the stories as well. As we move through the lessons there are words she remembers and breezes right through the stories and there are times where she has to ask words. I am working on getting her to sound things out better. That is a little hard. It’s not because of the curriculum.

I love how the pages are so color and bright. The lessons don’t really take us long at all. I think we spend anywhere from 20 – 40 minutes on a lesson. Just depends on the day as some of this is review for my daughter. I like that it focuses on one concept at a time. While we are working on a concept I like the picture associations that go along with it. I forgot about the Alphabet stories. She gets a good chuckle with them.

Another thing I really like in the lessons is it goes over the spelling rules of consonants and vowels in each lesson. I think it is starting to stick with her as well.

I have seen great progress in my daughter with the letter sounds and sounding out letters. In the lessons they look at beginning, middle and ending sounds. They also look at the first two letter sounds as well. My daughter is really picking up the concept as well.

I find this to be a very solid reading curriculum that is fun and hands on as well as engaging. My daughter is excited to start each and every lesson and story with confidence.

You can purchase this for $159.95.


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