Horizons First Grade Health Set Review

Horizons Grade 1 Health Set

One of the things I have recently started teaching the kids was Health. I believe it’s important for them to learn how to make healthy choices in their life. I was really happy to review Horizons First Grade Health Set by Alpha Omega Publications with my daughter. Alpha Omega Publications is a christian based curriculum. This set is complete with everything you need to teach your child.


The Horizons First Grade Health Set came with a Teachers Guide and Student Workbook. The teachers guide is step by step and contains 50 lessons. It also lists materials, objectives, lesson overviews, released activities, and suggested books and songs. The student workbook is very colorful and contains visuals and activities.

The topics covered are:

  • Getting to Know Myself
  • Created to Live in a Family
  • Living with Others
  • My Amazing Body
  • Making Healthy Choices
  • Safety First
  • Starting Right

How We Used This:

I used this with my daughter 3 – 4 times a week. We started at the beginning with Unit 1 and did one lesson a day. I spent sometime at first ordering the suggested books to read with our lessons. We also did some extra activities as well. There was also songs and I couldn’t find them all online but I did find some.


My daughter really enjoys working on the lessons. Instead of puppets we used stuffed animals. The stuffed animals is something that I used to act out different things during our lessons. She seemed to really enjoy it. I tried to find a puppet kit before we started that we could make specifically for our health class but I couldn’t find one at the store I was at. She enjoyed the suggested stories as well, as they were ones that she was able to read.

The lessons were simple enough for her to understand and fun enough to keep her engaged. I really like that it also made her think about things as well. The puppets added a nice touch as well. The student workbook is nice and colorful with the visuals and activities. I actually like that it is colorful and not in black and white as I think it also kept her attention better as well.

I really liked how the Teachers Book was laid out. It starts out with the perspective, overview, how to use Horizons Health, Resources, and a Scope and Sequence. Each lesson is really nice laid out for you to teach. Each lessons gives you a background of what your teaching, which I find really nice. I like that it lists the materials needed at the beginning as well. Each lesson has a closure so you can repoint out the point of the lesson. I like how it gives you related activities as well. It gives you suggested books to read, songs, and extra activities to do. We take advantage of the suggested books as it really added to the lesson. It also gave my daughter the extra reading time as she wanted to read the books to me. The only thing I couldn’t find was all the songs. I did find some online. Some is better then none at all.

The nice thing is that each lesson isn’t overwhelming. They are long enough and fun enough to keep a child engaged. It’s not a lot of work either which is really nice. We did a lot of talking about lessons as well. Her favorite thing was the drawing, she loves to draw and color. In Unit 2 it was suggested to plan a service project, our service project was stopping by to visit the veterans at the nursing home and leaving them homemade thank you cards. It was nice to see my daughter put a smile on someone else’s face. The purpose of this project was to show love to other members of God’s Family.

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Alpha Omega Review

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