Our Homeschool Week – Rough Week

I thought we were doing great the last two weeks with our normal setting back in….then WHAM!! Our week didn’t go so hot. Monday and Friday I was back in the doctors office. I am on my third infection since my surgery in September. It sounds like I may have to sort of relieve September again. She is calling the radiologist to find out if an ultrasound or mammogram would be better. Apparently they are picky post op! So I am waiting to find out.  I am kinda hoping they can get me in before the end of the year, as my deductible is met. They are looking to see if there is an abscess or something else going on. If there is an abscess I will be back into the surgeons office and will have surgery again! Really not happy about that. My dad also is in the hospital he has been there since Thursday.

I am rather frustrated as just when I think that I have moved forward and can move on, something happens and I can’t. One day at a time is how we will get through this. we did get some good school in but only on a couple of days. There were other days it was partial.

We did start our Christmas baking on Sunday. We will be baking all week! We have some new recipes and some old recipes. I can’t wait to give them away too! I have 5 different boxes of cookies going out to different families. I also have some gifts to make as well yet. I am running out of time. LOL So far we have made oatmeal raisin cookies and peanut butter blossoms.

Langauge Arts – I am really enjoying Shurley English! It is working out really well for the kids. They started journal writing this past week and also started a vocabulary book. This is really new to them in how things are done. So far they adjust really well. I can already see this curriculum excelling my daughter. I can see it that it will also help my son as well with writing, thinking, and speaking. So we are on the right track.

Math is math and the kids are swimming through. I noticed only a couple things really frustrate my son and that is anything to do with date, time, and money. Unfortunately these are things he needs to know and master. I have seen wonderful gains in them so we will keep moving forward.

Science- My son has still been working Star Wars Science. One of his assignments was to build a robot army with light sabers. He had a hard time creating light sabers. It was an interesting topic learning about robotics again.

Art – My son was working on a Card Board Relief Painting this week. He kept it very minimal…he could have added way more to this painting….I still kinda like how it turned out. It was creating different layers with card board…we could have made some card board flowers and maybe a few more clouds. I think we could have even made a house or tree. I like the fact that he actually really tried for this one.

My daughters favorite thing this week was ice skating. She really has been practicing a lot of the things she has learned. She did well going backwards. That is something that has taken work. So I really think that since she has been practicing and meeting other skaters, I will have to call about lessons again.

Here is to hoping we can have some normal this week! Get our baking done and gift making and enjoy Christmas coming up with family and friends!


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