Our Homeschool Week – Crazy Busy

Welcome to another look into our crazy busy homeschool week. This week was crazy with appointments! Next week is crazy with appointments and we have another Yippe Conference next weekend. One more after this one. This one should be a lot of fun though. However, that hasn’t happened yet so we can’t talk about it. LOL

Monday –  We didn’t really get much done. We had an appointment right smack in the middle of the day. It was great to go to my sons psychiatrist appointment and have a whole bunch of good things to say instead of negative things. He also ordered occupational therapy for my son since his fine motor skills are really declining. We talked about how much his pencil grip has changed. We talked about a lot.  Before we went to the doctors though we stopped at the library. I picked out some different kids cookbooks, drawing books, art books, and of course Junie B Jones Audio Story. Which on the way home we had to listen to. My daughter loves listening to them. My son well not so much.

Tuesday – That was kinda of fun day but a long drive day. We had to head to Children’s Hospital for an appointment for my daughter with the cardiologist. I am still a little confused in one breath there is concern in the next there isn’t. Kinda some unsureness too. Doesn’t leave me walking out of there really any better then we walked in. However, I will ask my cardiologist when I see him for his thoughts as he is awesome. We then went to one of the parks to look at the ice shoves. They aren’t really big. It’s been a more milder winter then normal. We don’t really have much snow. In fact we got a lot of rain this year. Crazy weather. Then we went and did a little pokeman hunting. Holy bowsers were there some good spots out there. After that we met some friends for dinner before we headed home. It was fun spending time with them. We also listened to Junie B Jones the whole way there and back.

Wednesday –  We had a team meeting Wednesday morning for Dakota. We went over his goals and services he is receiving and what kind of support am I looking for. They had an idea for one. T he lady worked with kids for autism. She actually worked with Dakota at one time but her and I have two total different opinions and her coming her for any parenting support, NOPE not a good idea. I don’t like her, nor do I trust her. So that’s not happening. I am looking more into a parenting support group of some sort with special needs. I also want to be able to give back to special needs parents and be able to share the wealth of resources I have learned about. My son had his after school group that day. Brittany and I worked on Ancient Greece. She is starting to get really interested in it. She started building something in minecraft from Ancient Greece as well. It was really odd because everything we did that day for homework took us a long time. Which for me that is bonus and a good day. She was also really getting into learning more about game design and minecraft. In Math she is working on fractions and she was determined to get her score up to 100% she was not going to rest or be done till that said 100%. She did it. Brittany also made dinner. She picked out pancakes. She did a good job making pancakes, while I made the sausage.

Thursday – It was a normal school day for us. I was a little bummed as we were going to make a rainforest for my sons science project but we didn’t have all the materials so it will be this next week. My daughter finished working on the African Grasslands and had to fill in her food chart and habitat projects. My son picked out dinner and we made a Cheesy Dump Pizza in the crock pot. I didn’t get a chance to take a picture. It turned out pretty good. I am going to have the kids each pick out a recipe of some sort and do one each week. My daughter spent 2 hours playing with Beados. She absolutely really loves them. My son also had his after school group that he had to go to.

Friday – I decided to go with some fun for the kids. I need our Friday’s to be a little relaxed from the book work. So my son and I worked on his 3D Character Animation Design Class. I was actually really shocked because we had not done it for a couple weeks and I thought he was going to forget things. He really proved me wrong. He remembered things I didn’t. He only missed one on his quiz. He really seems to enjoy it. The second thing he had to do was art. He decided he was going to draw Meowth. He did a pretty good job. My daughter worked on a section of her Fashion Design Course. She did pretty good. We were just exploring Inkscape. Inkscape is a program that they use in fashion design. It almost reminds a little bit of Paint Sh0p Pro. For my daughters art class we tried a sample video to Creating A Masterpiece. I was totally impressed with the the lady who taught. I am going to watch the video again and redo mine. I didn’t like how my bottom right corner turned out. I thought my daughters turned out amazing. She did a really good job. We learned new things with blending pastels.

Weekend – It really wasn’t productive really. We went to Walmart yesterday as on their website they had a Kid’s Sewing Kit but when we got to the store they didn’t have it. I was disappointed as I wanted to start our Sewing Badge for Quest Club. So I ordered it online from Amazon and it won’t be here until Wednesday. I don’t know if we will start it this weekend or not with the conference coming up. Today I have been searching out clipart on a site that is going to close on the 31st. So I figured I mine as well collect what I could so I would have them for printables.

Hope you all have a fantastic week!!


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