Homeschool Planet Review – My Favorite Planner!!

In the state of Wisconsin we need 875 hours of homeschool each year, so it is my job to keep track of how long we spend on our studies. Homeschool Planet has been my life saver. It is everything one could ever ask for in a online planner and more. If you haven’t haven’t heard of Homeschool Planet is by Homeschool Buyers Co-Op. Homeschool Planet does have a free trial period so you can see if it will fit your needs.

Homechool Planet
Homeschool Planet is on online homeschool planner. Really everything you need are all at your finger tips. It is very easy to use. They do have some tutorials and if the tutorials don’t help you can contact them for help. The response time is very quick. That in itself is very impressing!

When you set up who is going to use it, you can set it up for yourself and your students. It’s nice because we all have access to it. I can create the lesson plans and send it to the kids and they can see what they have planned for the day. I am really the main one that uses it. My son checks what the day has in store off of mine as I check the things off when it’s done and I add the time it took on the assignments. You also get reminders in your email which is nice. So you can see what you need to do for the day there as well.

There are different ways to view:

Calendar – You can see just yours or everybody’s schedule for that month all at once.

Day – You can see what you have planned for just that day. I don’t use everybody that I have added so it’s not a distraction for me to see what everybody has planned as it’s all on my schedule.

Weekly – Again you can see what is planned for that week for yourself or everybody.

I think I might have jumped ahead… as your creating your school year and you set up different subjects, you can set them for certain days, or weekly…and have a recurring schedule. So you don’t have to constantly enter the subjects it’s all set for you after the first time you add it. If you need to sneak something in just for a day you can. If you miss a day and need to post pone. It’s really simple to reschedule and move your assignments to the next day. I think that is one of my favorite features because then I don’t have to retype. If you look at the picture above you can see your options if you need to move assignments. They just then shift to the next day. You have to pay attention because you can add to the next day too as a double assignment. Hope that makes sense. I have done that before not paying attention. If you make a mistake it’s ok because this is so easy to use and to fix.


One thing that I really like and is a necessity for me is being able to keep track of time. When I go to mark off each subject there is a time box. I have to put it in minutes and hours. I don’t have to  keep track of time per subject, just the overall total that we spend during the year. If I go into my reports I can look and see how much time was spent. Another thing is I can change and add what I want to their core subjects. You can see both core and noncore subjects and see where your time is spent. You can also set this up to keep track of grades. You set up how you want to grade. I don’t really use the graded method. I just want it completed. There also is a transcript feature. I will be using that this upcoming year. I can’t really talk much about it because I haven’t used it yet. I love that I can create a transcript.


Right now we are on our summer schedule. We are currently working on mainly review stuff and there are a couple subjects of fun that I have added in for the kids each day. I do this to keep them going all year. Now you will notice I have a couple widgets set. I don’t have a list of all widgets but I love the weather, daily quote, and daily bible quote. There is also a to do list for me. I should remember to add in my stuff to. I don’t always. There is also grocery shopping list. I love that… On busy days I can text it to my husband so he knows what to get from the store. Yes there is a really cool text feature. Towards tax time I start putting in curriculum in my to do list that I need to purchase for next year. That way it is in a safe place and I know where to find it. There really is a lot of like about this.

Some of the other features are: resource view, lesson planning, attendance tracking, and more.

I want to share something new that has come out…It is the Lesson Plan Market Place. There is a free lesson plan on Virtual Field Trips that you can check out. The lesson plan market place has lesson plans created by different vendors….It’s all planned out and ready for you to use. You do have to purchase them. Honestly I have used a few last summer and I loved them. I am currently looking into purchasing the Always Ice Cream Lesson Plan so my daughter can have something to focus on during the summer months. Some may be new and some maybe review. How cool is that to have everything laid out for you. Just like the lesson plan you create you can shift days if you have something that comes up.

SPECIAL: During the month of June if you sign up for a free trial of the Homeschool Planet you will receive a free lesson plan valued at $5 – $15 from the NEW Lesson Plan Market Place. This is a great way to get a chance to see for yourself what a wonderful online homeschool planning program this is, as well as see what the lesson plans are all about.

Yes Homeschool Planet is a subscription service. You can pay by month or year. In all honest it is worth every penny. I did receive a year subscription for this review. I have also paid per month/year since I was introduced to Homeschool Planet.

So if you are a homeschooler I highly suggest checking out Homeschool Planet. There are so many things you will love!!

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