HomeSchool Office Review – Manage Your Homeschool Online

HomeSchool Office Review

Now you can manage your homeschool online with HomeSchool Office by Lord Heritage. This is a web-based program where you can manage your home and school all right online. You can plan your lessons and track progress from year to year. Everything you need is in this program. You can generate reports, verify activities, and build high school transcripts.

HomeSchool Office Review
HomeSchool Office follows a logical system that is used in many areas such as business management, education, and personal development. This originated with the Heavenly Father and displays throughout with scriptures, it’s a pattern worth following to prepare our children for their calling.

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PLAN (Jeremiah 29:11) – In this section you build subjects goals and objections. It is here you list each subject for your child. The nice thing about this is that the subjects are all available in a drop down menu. So it makes it easier for you to add to your plan. From this you will create your master schedule for the school year. Once you have the subjects set up you can start entering your daily lessons. You can also create school projects and a budget. I didn’t create any school projects or use the budget.

ORDER (1 Corinthians 14:40) – In the order section you can see on a calendar the lessons once you have done your plan. You don’t neccessarily have to have the lesson plans in but you do have to have the subjects. You click on the time and add in the subject for each student. I have different colors for each child. I also created a color for extra curricular activities and another color when we had appointments. You can also set up important reminders by adding them in to your day separately.  You can also create customized lists.

WORK (John 17:4) – Here you can provide your student access to their schedule. I didn’t use this portion as I am able to print everything and the kids just follow the print out if needed. You can view and print schedules, which is really nice so you don’t have to go back on to the computer and keep checking. You can follow all your daily lessons from here as well. You can manage your to do lists. That is a nice feature if you need to remember to do things. I tend to forget so this does come in handy seeing the visual for myself.

EVALUATE (Matthew 28:20) – In this area you can manage your state compliance, oversee daily attendance, track hours per subject, and maintain grading for each subjects.

REPORT (Romans 14:12) – In the reports you can create transcripts, customize reports, and comply with state regulations.

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I used this to set up a schedule of lessons for each child. Every day I went in and I created my lesson plans. If we didn’t get to something I could push the lesson to the next day it was scheduled. I also scheduled their extra curricular actives as well as doctors appointments. Each person and schedule had their own color. I printed off my schedules daily so I could keep track of the time. If you saw a icon next to the time you know that a lesson is planned. There are some that aren’t filled out as I switch my days around sometimes during the week when I need too.


I am going to be really honest here, when I first started using this program I was frustrated. I didn’t find this program to be user friendly and their was things I don’t even use. There is a help section and it walks you through setting everything up. As you work through the help section it really does make sense and teaches you how to use the program. The only thing I didn’t like was, say I didn’t complete something on a Monday that was special for Monday I had to go back and put it on the schedule so the lesson plans would push to a new day, not necessarily the day I normally do it. I sometimes have to adjust our schedules depending on appointments during the week.

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I don’t really use specific time slots for the day because we start at different times. We also go longer then most 1/2 sessions they have on this schedule. There are times when a subject may go less then the time. You can adjust the start and end time when you complete the subject.

In the state of Wisconsin we just have to keep track of time. For me I just have to have 875 hours in my school year. They tell you what subjects need to be taught. That’s it. So for me this is more of a time keeper then anything.

I really like the color coding. It gives me a nice visual of the kids and what they have to do. I like being able to push lessons if I need to. I also like that I can view this differently. I can look at it a month view, weekly, or daily. I also like that I can make a daily to do list if I need to. It allows me to see what I need to do other then just homeschool.

I do like that you can build high school transcripts. I am not at that level at the moment, however it’s nice to know that it is there. That will be a need later on down the road.

The only thing I would suggest is that since I have to go by hours per year total, I would like to have an option where I didn’t have to use time slots. I would just like to enter the amount of minutes we spent on a subject and enter the lesson plan.

My Over All Thought:

This is a very handy and useful program. The plus side is you can balance home and school all in one program. Everything you need is in one place.


HomeSchool Office Review

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