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Well I have saved a bunch of links and come across some new to me links that I thought I would share with all of you. Each week I will be sending these out. That gives me a chance to organize my links better so I can find stuff as I need it. My bookmarks are so unorganized. I have been spending the last couple days trying to figure out what I am using for what.

Shirleys Preschool Activities – I absolutely love this site. There is free printables here. There is monthly themes. I do believe she has a spot that she sells prescool curriculum too. I like how she posts pictures of the things they have done.

The Teachers Desks – I know this isn’t a free site but I do like the fact that the unit studies are very affordable. They have some interesting things on this site. They do have a free section on the site too.

Spigot Science Magazine – This is a free subscription. It’s meant to use for kids and classrooms. You get access to past issues as well as teaching guides.

The Seeds Network – This is pretty new to me. It has a area for Teacher Resources and you can find some stuff for Preschool and I want to say Kindergarten.

Giggly Games – She sometimes has some free stuff. I think the games are pretty reasonable. Some of the stuff are really cute.

File Folder Heaven – She has free stuff here. I don’t know about the prices as this is new to me and I pretty much make my own.

Click Schooling – Really like this site as she has really daily curriculum ideas. – Has the top 100 educational sites. Some were new to me and some were not.

New Beginnings – Has a TON of free unit Studies

Tiny Pop – I guess there is a TV channel called Tiny Pop not sure from where. But I noticed the Wiggles was on it. Has some videos on it for the younger kids to watch. They also have games and make and do.

Stay tuned as there may be a few of these coming through the week as I really need to get my stuff organized. I hope some of these are new to you as well.

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