Homeschool Art Through An Autistic Mind

A friend of mine and my mother in law had pointed somethings out about Dakota’s artwork. I never really thought about it lots before but now I am so curious as to how does my son see things and how does he think. I am huge abstract art fan. I love lines and colors. My friend looked at Dakota’s work and said that he reminds her of Monet. My mother in law has been impressed with how matching colors can come naturally to him.

When I look at his drawings I see a lot of line. Whether he draws, colors, or paints. It’s there you just have to look. When he colors or draws there is a lot of abstract art into it. There is always lots of colors. It’s always abstract. So does he think somehow or see somehow in abstract art. Is that how he visualizes things.

I do know that he excels with hands on subjects, art and music. I think art and music are his gift. Art especially but he just doesn’t know it. I have tried to google this but I am not finding answers. Not that I need answers as I really enjoy the things he does. It is just intriguing to me.

I have googled Art Technices and came across many different ones for paintings I would like to try with him. Therefore this inspired me to start a blog hop for Homeschool Art very soon. You don’t have to be homeschooler to share art. You can be a parent or even an artist yourself. You can tell us how you did the project or different techniques used. It’s all about learning. One can never learn enough 🙂

The newest thing we tried was painting on canvas with acrylic paints out at my mother in laws. She asked what colors he wanted and he said red, orange, yellow and green. He picked the colors all on his own. All matching colors. If you you look you will see the line in his paiting.



One year for Christmas we used window crayons to decorate a window. He started out putting his Christmas Trees in but ended it with it looking like a stained glass window. Once again you will see lines!

68222_1695373352259_8329083_n 68222_1695373472262_7949808_n (1)


The next was a coloring project he had to do for science. He colored them in lines.

579991_10200847479057359_1070179290_n 602227_10200847477657324_1132347350_n


Lastly he drew a Mayflower boat. He started out with people in the boat but colored over them. You will see line and shapes and blocks of color.



I think my son is a budding abstract artist and he just doesn’t know it. It amazes me and we will continue to explore our way through art as he has a big interest in it.


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