Our Home School Week – One Day Throws The Whole Week Off

Home School Week

This week wasn’t any better then last week. Somethings were beyond our control such as the weather and I think Monday really made the whole week rough. I have to do more thinking as one of the programs my son is in, is causing conflict, upset, anxiety, and just throws our day off. I also think it disrupted the whole week as well.

This week was so up and down. Since both of my kids are on the autism spectrum I have to have routine and structure. When our routine is changed or disrupted then our day and even our week can become really rocky. I am dreading tomorrow being Monday already as there will be a disruption again. Even though I can prepare Dakota for it, it will still effect our day. I am hoping to make a change really soon with it. I can’t really go into details about it at the moment.

I should probably go into more detail. Monday’s Dakota has someone come out here to work on his feelings and such. He doesn’t really like this lady and I am really starting to not like her as well. He gets really upset and anxious when she comes. After she leaves he just melts down and we can’t get anything done. Monday my friend and her boys came over and you could tell that he was still affected by earlier in the day. He was not really social. The boys didn’t really mind as they hung out with Brittany. That was really awesome as she really enjoyed that. My friend even said that you can see just how much it affects him. When they walked in to drop something off you could tell she was annoyed but she should have been done already. My friend said that Dakota looked like he had a look of relief when they came in.

Towards the end of the week I had to deal with Dakota being so mouthy. It gets rather frustrating sometimes because he just doesn’t know when to quit. Sunday early afternoon was a big explosion. I never had a car ride so quiet before though. After that the day got incredibly better. It was awesome that he turned himself around.

We had a snow storm/blizzard on Wednesday into Thursday. It cancelled our Homes School Day because of the blowing and drifting. The kids were looking forward to going to karate this week to try it out. Dakota missed out on his guitar lesson and we are doing a double this Wednesday.

Dakota has been practicing his guitar everyday. However, he was turning it today and a string broke. So now I have to see if I can get that fixed before his lesson on Wednesday. He has been doing better. I have noticed that he likes to not use a pick but use his fingers. So his teacher is going to work with him on both. He said that using the fingers to play guitar is soothing to some. That was really kind of cool. I am trying to get him to learn the string numbers and notes that each string is. That hasn’t really been easy. It is easy to learn it’s hard for Dakota to learn it and will take him a while. He has even been dabbling just playing around with the guitar. He said he was creating a song and it wasn’t really that bad. It actually sounded really nice.

American Girl - Homemade Locket

Brittany has started reading the American Girl – Meet Samantha Book for our History. This book is written in the time period of the Industrial Revolution. Brittany has learned a little bit about the transportation during the year of 1904. I had no idea only 183 cars were made. From the way I read the description in the book they were quite noisy. She really seems to be enjoying the story. We have been reading a chapter a day. We also answer comprehension questions about the story. This week Brittany made a locket for her doll. It was suppose to be like the locket in the story. Inside the locket she drew a picture of Samantha’s Mom on one side and Samantha’s Dad on the other.

Homemade Pizza


Dakota learned about the United States and the Cherokee. He learned that roughly 20,000 people in Oklahoma and North Carolina still speak the Cherokee language. One of the activities we did this week was make a home made pizza from scratch. It turned out very yummy.

Brittany is still working on the rainforest for science. Dakota has been working on a lesson a day in Science Shepherd as well as doing computer science on Tynker. I have noticed that he does get frustrated with the problem solving of coding. He does eventually figure it out.

Dakota has been working on his writing with a review we are currently working on. He has been getting a little frustrated as writing is not his favorite or his best. He also has been working on copy work each day. We have to review some of the thing we worked on as his test didn’t turn out the best. I am shocked to because he seemed to be really grasping the grammar lately. Brittany has been loving to work on Talking Fingers (another upcoming review). I swear I can’t get her to stop as she really likes it. We have been working on The Courage of Sarah Noble for Literature. We have been working on our Lessons of Logic of English as well. She seems to be really enjoying that as well.

For math Brittany has been working on multiplication. She has been learning stories to learn her facts. She remembers the stories and she is getting there. We can almost move on to the second DVD. I think maybe after this week we will be able too. Another one she has been enjoying. Dakota has been working on Money this week. We have to redo a lesson as he seems to have gotten stuck or maybe rushed through it. I told him it was ok we could do it again next week. Money is really hard for him. It’s the coins that throw him off.

Dakota had free reading this week for reading as we had somethings come up that threw us off. He will be starting Little House In The Big Woods literature study next week. I am so excited to start it as it is from Moving Beyond The Page and that is one of my favorite places to get unit studies from.

Mini Snowman

Since the snow storm threw us off and we couldn’t do the things we wanted to. We had a snow day. I didn’t have anything planned for that day other then guitar and piano lessons. Brittany did get a chance to go outside to make a mini snowman. I think and I hope this is the last snow storm for awhile.

Fabric Markers on Shirt


One of the more craftier things I let my daughter do this week was to decorate a t-shirt. She used fabric markers and went to town. She actually did both sides but this side was the most colorful one. We still have to tye dye and work on a badge for Frontier Girls. Hopefully we will get to it this week.

Princess Hat

Brittany also had the chance to decorate her princess hat. We picked this hat up during our Mother and Daughter mini vacation. She was excited to draw and decorate with sequins. She only did one side of it though. I was find with that.

Today was Easter. We started out our day by going to church. After church we went to a friend’s house for dinner. We had a wonderful time. The kids had a blast. Brittany and Dakota got a chance to see one of my friend’s son who has moved out. They don’t see him as often. He taught Brittany how to draw better eyes and people. He loves to draw cartoons and he is really good at it. It really inspired her to draw. She spent hours next to him drawing, coloring, and talking. Dakota got a kick out of the many voices he could do for his animation movies. I think that has sparked more interest in Dakota for learning animation.

I think the kids highlight of the week was Brittany being able to start her Composer Study and Talking Fingers. The two of them are her favorite. For Dakota is has been working on Animation and learning more about it. We hopefully will have a completed video or two this week. We have been reading a book about it. We have had to take our time through it and study it a little more then we normally would so we would understand what was happening in making the videos as well as using the software.

Hope you all have had a great week and a wonderful Easter.


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