Heroes of History = Davy Crockett – Ever Westward and Unit Study Curriculum Guide Review

Davy Crockett Book and Unit Study Review

Unit studies can come in handy when you want to study something specific. It’s nice to be able to incorporate different subjects while your study one topic. For this review we received a physcial copy of the book HEROES OF HISTORY – Davy Crockett: Ever Westward, and a Unit Study Curriculum Guide by YWAM Publishing.

Heroes of History are very interesting biographies that bring history to life. The stories are true stories about men and woman who changed the course of history. The stories are in a narrative format that discuss history, geography, government, and science topics. Davy Crockett is suggested for ages 10 and older.

Davy Crockett

Heroes of History – Davy Crockett: Ever Westward is a biography about Davy Crockett. Before this review I didn’t remember to much about him and reading this with my son I actually learned a lot about it. Davy Crockett grew up in Tennessee. Davy Crockett didn’t have a simple life, he was a very hard worker from a very young age. He worked as a farm hand, wagon driver, frontiersman, scouts, solider, and a politician in the U.S. Congress. He learned a lot about people and the land of the West. Reading this story you can understand that his destiny was with the untamed wilderness, the sound of animals, and the roaring river. He died while defending the Alamo.

Unit Study Curriculum Guide

The Unit Study Curriculum Guide is made for all types of learners. It contains a wealth of resources and ideas.

  • Essay Writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Hands On Projects
  • Audio/Visual Projects
  • Reproducible Activity Sheets
  • Geography
  • History
  • Vocabulary
  • Critical Thinking
  • Meaningful Field Trips
  • Guest Speakers
  • Service Projects
  • Related Themes To Explore
  • Related Resources
  • Project Displays
  • Era Music, Food, and Activities

How We Used This:


We read a chapter a day and we used the questions for each chapter. We also created a book as we read along with the book. My son had to pick something he remembered from the story and he had to draw it. The question reviewed what he had read and each chapter had a vocabulary word for them to define and use in a sentence. We are finished working on this unit study as there is more we are going to do with this yet.

I found the book to be interesting to both me and my son. After every chapter it left you wanting to know more about what was happening with Davy Crockett. He was a brave young man. He had to grow up fast on his own at a young age. He was also very dedicated to protecting his country as well. I knew he had died at the Alamo but I had no idea what his life was like. It was a very interesting and engaging read. I had no idea at the time of fighting with the indians they were also fighting with the British. My son also seemed to really enjoy it as well.

The Unit Study Curriculum Guide is a wealth of resources. The one thing I was really impressed with was that it had detailed instructions of how to use this in a classroom, homeschool, and group. I already knew how to use a unit study but for someone who is new to it, I found it very informative. I also liked that it talked about learning types and what would be good for that learning type. There is a biographical sketch of Davy Crockett that we will be printing out and putting in our notebook. You can also find an author interview and reader reviews.

We took our time reading this book. As we are writing this review there is so much I still want to do. The Unit Study Curriculum Guide has many resources and there are still more that I plan on working on with my son. We are going to do a replica of the Fort at the Alamo. We are going to explore different foods from that time era and make them. One that kept popping up in the book was Johnny Cakes. We are going to be making them next week. I am also in the planning stages of finding a Indian Representative to talk to a homeschool group. There is an Oneida Indian Museum and I think it would be great to learn about them as they are local here to us. It was gives us a chance to learn their culture and the issues that they have had as a tribe and maybe a little more info about other tribes as well.

My son did get a chance to visit a farm. My Uncle has a farm so my son had the chance to learn how to take care of the cows and feed them. Along with feeding the chicken and harvesting some vegetables. The only difference is in this time and day things are more modern.

We are also going to be reading more of the suggested books that were suggested.

My son has a lot of trouble with writing so we probably won’t do a lot of the creative writing and essays. I will have to think outside the box some and maybe make an interactive notebook where there isn’t a lot of writing but yet it still touches on the point of what the creative writing and essays are about. We can still do the same research.

I really wasn’t kidding as you can see that there is a wealth of of resources in this study guide. We probably will spend another month working on this as like I said we have taken our time and there is still so much to explore. It has been a positive learning experience for my son. I would high recommend this to anyone who is interested in unit studies.

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