Heroes of History – Christopher Columbus Review

Heroes of History Review

One of the things we really enjoy in our history class is to read different biographies about people from the past. YWAM Publishing has a nice variety of different biographies of both men and women of history. For this particular review we received the book Heroes of History – Christopher Columbus and a digital copy of the Unit Study Curriculum Guide. This book is for ages 10 and older.

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The Heroes of History is a unique biography series that brings the shaping of history to the life with the remarkable trues stories of fascinating men and women, who have changed history. The stories are told in a narrative format, where you will learn things about history, government, geography, and science that will leave a lasting impression.

Heroes of History – Christopher Columbus is a book about is four expeditions where he explored the Caribbean and ended up in South America. The sad thing was he died before he ever knew he reached the so called New World. He didn’t even know the magnitude of  his discoveries, which was a turning point in history. He was very determined to get support from the King and Queen of Spain and eventually he did win the support. Once he did finally receive the support he sailed with three ships west from Europe. He originally was looking for the Indies. When he thought he reached the Indies he met the locals who were telling him about King with lots of gold.

While reading this book the one thing I didn’t know was that he was also looking to convert people to Christianity. That was one thing I didn’t know. I didn’t realize what a man of faith he was until I read this book. I knew that the Indians ended up going to Spain as slaves but I didn’t realize that he captured 6 of them in the beginning to use a guides. It didn’t seem like he liked confrontation and would rather not use force. He seemed like a very decent man. My son and I took turns reading this out loud to each other.

The Unit Study Curriculum Guide is amazing. It can work to different styles of learning. One of the things that I really liked about the guide was there was comprehension questions that went along with each chapter as well as ones that made you think a little bit more. It lead to interesting discussions as well.

There are key quotes that you can memorize. What I did was have my son copy each quote in his notebook. That way he was both reading and writing them.

Santa Maria Model

One of the things suggested was getting a model of one of the ships and build it. I did purchase a model and it is not affiliated in any way with YWAM Publishing. I was disappointed as it was a snap model and the pieces were really small and broke easily. So our ship didn’t get completed. I do have a picture of what we could get together of the ship. We are going to go to the hobby store and see if we can find one of the model ships to put together that is a lot bigger. At least we attempted it and did what we could with the pieces that weren’t broke. This was a really neat project. One of the things we are going to do is print off each ship and put it in our notebook. The next thing I am going to have my son do is draw the ships and see if we can label some of the parts of the ship.

I also wanted to find and print a copy of Christopher Columbus’s Knight of Arms and have my son color. I know I saw one somewhere as I thought we did that in the past. If I can’t find one I will then just draw one out for him.

There are many other projects in this study guide such as creative writing, hands on projects, essay questions, and audio/video project. There are book suggestions and community ideas such as a field.

We are actually still working through the Study Guide. There are many things I would like to continue working on and there are something I would like to add in as well.

I absolutely love the Study Guide as there is plenty of things to do and again it works for a variety of different learning styles. You can do as much or as little as you want. Since my son has such trouble with the creative writing and the essays we have skipped over those. There is still plenty left over to accomplish. We took our time reading the book and working on things.

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