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Are your kids interested in life during the Pioneer years? My daughter has been reading Heroes of History – Laura Ingalls Wilder by YWAM Publishing. We also received a downloadable Heroes of History Downloadable Study Guide Laura Ingalls Wilder to go along with the book, that contains many activities for many different learning styles. There are 28 books in the Heroes of History Series.

Laura Ingalls Wilder was truly inspirational. She was a pioneer, teacher, farmer’s wife, and story teller. She really lived an interesting life. One of my favorite parts of the book is the fact that she was born in Pepin, Wisconsin. I knew that before reading the book as we have seen the house that is a replica of where she lived. There is also a Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum there. As we were reading this book my daughter became very interested in the life of Pioneers. She learned that different problems that were faced is the reason they moved a lot. A couple examples are the Indians, and a big swarm of crickets that would damage crops every year. Yet she got to experience the transformation of moving west. In this book you learned places that were significant to Laura. I think my favorite part of the book was her finding and living with the love of her life. I find her to be inspiring writing books about her life.

The Downloadable Study Guide has two sections: Unit Study Part 1: contains 80 pages and I will go into that part a little more. Part 2: some index printables for use with study. The printables are black and white for easy printing.

Part 1 Contains:

  • Key Notes
  • Display Corner (Ideas for Displays)
  • Chapter Questions
  • Student Explorations
  • Community Links
  • Social Studies
  • Related Themes to Explore
  • Culminating Events

How We Used This: 

My daughter and I read a chapter a day. We used the chapter questions to go over what she read. She answered these out loud. There were topics of interest we explored while reading the book. It took us a little longer to get through it because my daughter had questions. This is the first time a book like this has brought many questions. My daughter was fascinated with the life of Laura Ingalls Wilder. She learned that back then they had to use what they had. It seemed back in that time period kids were more grateful of what they had. I think that was one big lesson she did learn. She was very interested in the maple sugar tapping. So we had to stop and look that up and do a little research. Next spring will visit a place where she can see it first hand. If only we had read this book in Winter. She learned that they had harsh winters with lots of snow. It’s a lot different then what it is now. She also was intrigued about the swarm of crickets. She didn’t understand at first what was happening. I at first thought they were looking at maybe a tornado. I didn’t realize just how damaging crickets could be either. They damaged the crops each year. So we had to do a little research on crickets. My daughter was inspired how Laura was a story teller. Now we are going to be reading the books that she wrote. I love that this has inspired her to read more. She also was intrigued by the house in Plum Creek where all you could see was the door and it was buried in the earth. She thought that was the coolest thing.

We did use the chapter questions. We are still currently working in the study guide. One surprise my daughter will have in fall during Laura Ingall Wilder Days is visiting Pepin, Wisconsin to see how they celebrate it. One thing we did get to do was visit one of the Historical Societies. We ended up in a General Store. My daughter was asking where are your sacks of flour and sugar? She even asked about the dolls. She remembered things from when Laura had the chance to visit the General Stores. She did get to see a wagon, however it wasn’t covered but she got the jist of it. She saw the poles outside the buildings where they would tie up the horses. She did get a chance to make butter and sweet cream buttermilk. It was so sweet it tasted like vanilla ice cream. We will be going back to the local historical society during Laura Ingall Wilder Days for more hands on activities. She is excited about having Tea with Laura Ingall Wilder, even if it is someone dressed up as her.

I love the study guide as it really has many different ideas for learning. She isn’t at the point where she can answer and write essay questions. We are slowly working on a display. We are using some of the suggestion that are in the book and we will add our own as we visit Pepin. We are going to be working on some cooking from the past. We will map out some journeys of travel that Laura had been on. I love the fact that they give ideas on some hands on activities as well: making butter, a doll, and corn cakes. Oh and there is more…. I really like the list of suggested books.

I feel that my daughter was incredibly inspired by this book. It really had us looking into other things that interested her. It brought forth a fourth interest in reading her stories. It brought an interest to continue learning about Pioneer Life. So I am happy to take that extra time to teach her these things.

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